เขินให้หน่อยMV 2023


#เขินให้หน่อยMV, or “Blush a Little MV,” is a popular music video and song in Thailand. In this post, we will explore the history and background of the song and music video, as well as its impact and popularity.

Background of the Song

“Blush a Little” was originally released in 2018 by the Thai band Sqweez Animal. The song’s lyrics describe the feelings of shyness and nervousness that arise when trying to express romantic interest in someone.

The Music Video

The music video for “Blush a Little” was released in January 2022 and quickly went viral in Thailand. The video features several couples in various stages of relationships, from crushes to long-term partnerships, all experiencing the same feelings of shyness and vulnerability.

Impact and Popularity

The #เขินให้หน่อยMV hashtag quickly began trending on social media, as fans shared their own stories and experiences of blushing and feeling shy around their crushes. The song’s popularity has also led to increased attention for Sqweez Animal, who have been active in the Thai music scene since 2012.

The Song’s Message

One of the reasons for the song’s popularity is its relatability. The feeling of shyness and nervousness when expressing romantic interest is a universal experience, and the song’s lyrics and music video capture that feeling in a way that resonates with many listeners.

Cultural Significance

The popularity of #เขินให้หน่อยMV highlights the importance of music and pop culture in Thai society. Music and entertainment are an important part of Thai culture, and the success of the song and music video reflects the power of these mediums to connect people and create shared experiences.


Despite its popularity, the music video also faced criticism for its portrayal of traditional gender roles and heteronormativity. The video features primarily heterosexual couples, with men pursuing women and initiating physical contact. Some critics have argued that this reinforces gender stereotypes and promotes a limited view of romantic relationships.


In response to the criticism, Sqweez Animal and the production team behind the music video released a statement acknowledging the feedback and promising to be more inclusive and diverse in future projects. They stated that they intended the video to reflect the experiences of their own lives and relationships, but recognized the importance of representing a broader range of identities and perspectives.

Future of Sqweez Animal

#เขินให้หน่อยMV has brought Sqweez Animal into the spotlight, and the band is poised for further success in the Thai music industry. They have continued to release new music, and have hinted at the possibility of a full-length album in the near future.


In conclusion, #เขินให้หน่อยMV is a popular music video and song that has captured the hearts of many in Thailand. Its relatable message and catchy melody have made it a hit on social media and in the Thai music scene, highlighting the importance of music and pop culture in connecting people and creating shared experiences.


Q: What is the meaning of the hashtag #เขินให้หน่อยMV?

A: The hashtag #เขินให้หน่อยMV translates to “Blush a Little MV” in English. It refers to the popular music video of the same name by the Thai band Sqweez Animal.

Q: Who is Sqweez Animal?

A: Sqweez Animal is a Thai band that formed in 2012. They play a mix of pop and rock music, and have become increasingly popular in Thailand in recent years.

Q: What language is the song “Blush a Little” in?

A: The original version of the song “Blush a Little” is in Thai. However, the song has been covered by other artists in different languages, such as Mandarin and Vietnamese.

Q: What is the message of the “Blush a Little” music video?

A: The “Blush a Little” music video portrays the feelings of shyness and nervousness that come with expressing romantic interest in someone. It features several couples in different stages of relationships, and highlights the universal experience of feeling vulnerable and exposed when trying to connect with someone else.

Q: Why has the “Blush a Little” music video faced criticism?

A: Some critics have argued that the music video reinforces traditional gender roles and promotes a limited view of romantic relationships, as it primarily features heterosexual couples with men pursuing women. However, the production team behind the video has acknowledged the feedback and promised to be more inclusive and diverse in future projects.

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