ホワイトデー, or White Day, is a holiday celebrated in Japan on March 14th. It is a day for men to give gifts to women as a return gesture for the gifts they received on Valentine’s Day. In this post, we will explore the history and traditions of White Day, and how it is celebrated in Japan.

The History of White Day

White Day was first celebrated in Japan in 1978. It was created by the National Confectionery Industry Association as a way to promote the sales of white chocolate and other sweets. The name “White Day” comes from the color of the chocolate traditionally given on this day.

Gifts for White Day


On White Day, men are expected to give gifts to the women in their lives, such as their wives, girlfriends, or female coworkers. The gifts are usually in the form of sweets, such as chocolate or cookies, but can also include jewelry, flowers, or other small gifts.

Return Gifts

The gifts given on White Day are seen as a return gesture for the gifts that women gave to men on Valentine’s Day. It is customary for men to give gifts that are more expensive than the gifts they received, as a way of showing their appreciation.

Celebrations in Japan

White Day is a popular holiday in Japan, and it is celebrated in many different ways. Some people choose to have romantic dinners with their partners, while others give gifts to their friends and family members. Many confectionery shops and department stores also offer special White Day gifts and promotions.

Unique White Day Gifts

In recent years, there has been a trend in Japan for unique and unconventional White Day gifts. These can include things like personalized cookies, handmade chocolates, or even miniature versions of everyday objects like bicycles or kitchen appliances.


In conclusion, White Day is a unique and charming holiday in Japan, where men show their appreciation for the women in their lives with sweet gifts. Whether it’s through traditional chocolates or more unconventional presents, the spirit of White Day is all about expressing love and gratitude.


Q: Is White Day only celebrated in Japan?

A: While White Day originated in Japan, it is now celebrated in other countries as well, such as South Korea, Taiwan, and China.

Q: What if I didn’t receive a gift on Valentine’s Day?

A: White Day is primarily focused on the exchange of gifts between men and women, but it is not mandatory. If you did not receive a gift on Valentine’s Day, you are not obligated to give one on White Day.

Q: What are some traditional gifts given on White Day?

A: Traditional gifts given on White Day include chocolates, cookies, and other sweets. Some people also give flowers or small gifts like jewelry or accessories.

Q: Can women give gifts on White Day?

A: While White Day is primarily focused on men giving gifts to women, there is no rule against women giving gifts to men or to other women.

Q: Do the gifts have to be white?

A: No, the gifts given on White Day do not have to be white. The name “White Day” comes from the color of the chocolate traditionally given, but gifts can be of any color or type.

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