How to Improve your Homepage SEO?

Optimising SEO for home page optimisation to help with organic searches is paramount to your success in 2022.

Your homepage is the equivalent of your virtual front door. With visitors making prompt decisions to stay or go from your site to the plethora of other options Google provides, you must ensure they like what they see instantly. Plus, if you are not optimised for searches, then they may not make it to your front door in the first place.

Let’s look at three main SEO elements to enhance and optimise your homepage. 


Your H1 header on your company’s homepage introduces your products, services and brand. Ensure there are no gimmicks or slogans as people’s attention spans are waning due to so much online choice.

Here you are looking to explain to both the user and the SERPs, what you do, what you offer, and how you do it, and they are in the right place.

Rules to remember when creating your H1 Tag are as follows:

  1. Don’t use more than one H1
  2. Use the H1 to Describe your page topic
  3. Make sure you use only 20 to 70 characters
  4. Make your H1 Tag different; make it stand out
  5. Focus on using a long-tail keyword in the H1
  6. Design your H1 to answer user intent


What is not seen on the page can be just as important as what is for SEO and Google’s best practices.

A prime example of this is your meta page title. This is the title you see when searching.

It is also one of the first things to get indexed by the crawlers when determining what you are offering and index you for search terms accordingly. Your topic must be optimised to be competitive and non-branded.

If you fail to address your primary business purpose, using both the H1 and meta title on the homepage you will not rank appropriately in 2022. For bricks and mortar businesses looking to enhance their local SEO this year, it can cause significant harm.

Here are a few pointers on your meta page title and what NOT to do:

  • Using only your brand name. Use the characters you have to describe who you are and what you provide. If I am searching for your brand, I’m already looking to do business with you; rendering SEO irrelevant.
  • Using slogans Radio Shack did as an example, they used theirs to fill marketing space. Using the slogan of “Do More Together.” How can you expect a search engine to understand their core business, instead of using what they were…an ‘electronics store’. Which, when looking back on it, they weren’t ranked for. And a good indicator to you of why they now find themselves out of business!
  • Using the word ‘home’ for your page title. A complete waste of getting your message across.
  • Trying to stuff too many of your keywords into such a short description. Google are way ahead of these kinds of practices. You are not just on the border of getting bad results by doing this but risking a possible Google penalty. If you get one of these, you will be looking for an SEO company Australia based to help get you out of a mess.



Source: Pixabay

When you start developing a homepage, look for an SEO company Australia based that would have all the paid-for tools on the market and the expertise to break it down to you. If you don’t have the budget, then there are tools out there like MOZ you can use to gather keywords for you.

You are looking for keyword volume. The keywords must apply directly to what you provide or sell and be topic relevant.

With your homepage being the summation of the services your company operates, they must be relevant to the core of your business.

Once you find a primary keyword, you should use that as your H1 headline and in both your meta title and description.

When you write your content to fill the page (make sure it’s engaging as the longer they stay on your site, that is a ranking factor, also write in the other supporting keywords. But be careful not to overdo it and stuff too many on every other line. It is not necessary, quality over quantity is everything in SEO.


When you get SEO optimised, and for non-branded keywords, you effectively steal users from other competitors that are not optimised properly. However, it’s best to realise the door swings both ways; there may be competitors doing that to you as you read this article. In 2022 it is all about being seen online, getting optimised SEO for homepage success this year and reaping the rewards. Good luck!

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