10 Best eBook Marketing Strategies Must Try In 2022

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Those days when you had to run in and out of the publishing houses to print your books are history. In recent times, like everything else, the book publishing industry has evolved as well. You can now publish your books online by yourself. Since self-publishing has become easy, hundreds of books are published every month. But not all of them are a hit. Then, how has the audience been bogged down with invaluable eBooks?

Well, they follow some of the great eBook marketing tips. Sadly, the authors who have great skills in their arsenal know nothing about digital book marketing—considering that, in this blog, we will tell you how to promote your eBook online by following ten easy-to-follow strategies.

1. Know Your Readers

Your ebook might be useful for some, and others might skip it altogether. You have to be certain about this aspect. When you identify the audience you are going to capture; you get a step closer to making profits at the backend. You can’t ever make a mark in the field if you target everyone.

2. Create Authentic and Valuable Content

No matter how strong your marketing strategy is, if the audience finds your book worthless, you can’t improve your sales. The audience should know that your book will enhance their knowledge. You have to give an impression to the reader that your book contains whatever they need for them to connect with your book.

3. Don’t Beat Around the Bush

Your book shouldn’t fall into the category of general books. The topic of your eBook should be clear-cut and specific. The reader should know what they are investing in. Books from a specific genre attract people more, and they recommend it further to people with similar interests.

4. Build a Conversion Funnel

It is one of the effective eBook Marketing services Strategies in 2022 that will make your potential customers your buying customers. It consists of 4 stages, starting from getting customer attention, developing their interest, ending up in their wishlist, and finally evoking them to make a purchase.                                                                                                                

5. Write a Blog

If you have a website where you update people about your content and creation, there is another thing you need to add—blogs. Blogs are great for enticing the audience to your landing page. So, the traffic on your landing page will naturally increase. Plus, you get an opportunity to let the reader know about your writing talent and skills.

6. Add Supportive Content

After creating a website, a landing page, and a blog, you have one more way to market your eBook. The blogging community keeps up with the modern trends, so you can add content in your blog that supports your eBook. This is the best way to market an eBook in 2022 because people do read blogs.

7. Create a Jaw-dropping Landing Page

If you still have this question in mind: “what is the best way to promote my eBook?” We suggest you make a captivating landing page. The landing page of your website has the power to convert potential customers into leads. It has a call to action button to prompt users to take immediate action.

8. Put Effort in Promotion

Let’s get real, promotion needs your time and energy. You can’t wait for something to be that promotional factor to promote your eBook online.

You have to get some amazing book promotion ideas so sit down with your team and think about them. For example, you offer some interesting discount offers.

9. Pre-launch Marketing

This is as important as any of our eBook marketing tips, so make sure you have a fail proof plan for it. Tell them what they are going to experience while reading the book to pique interest in them.

10.  Use Social Media

Social media is the tool that helps you connect deeply with the audience. The most efficient way is to help people see and reach you on social media. This builds the relationship of trust and credibility with your prospects. Readers won’t hesitate to leave you a message directly if they have concerns or feedback about your ebook.

For example, when you google “how to promote eBooks on Instagram?”, you will get plenty of ideas. But what we think works the best is sharing social teasers to spread awareness about your book.

The major benefit of being on social media to promote your book is that you can talk to the readers anytime.


Now you know the answer to the question, “what is the best way to promote my eBook?”. At the author tribe, we take care of all these steps to promote your eBook on every online platform. Not only that, we offer a ghostwriting service to get the book inside you printed for the world to read.

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