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3.2 billion (!) Login details have been leaked on the internet


A massive leak with email addresses and passwords has been found on the internet. There are several minor leaks that have been combined into a combined database with a total of 3.2 billion login details.

This type of leak is called COMB, or “Compilation of Many Breaches”. This means that it is not necessarily a question of completely new, fresh login information, but it may just as well be many older people who are out of date.

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According to the website CyberNews, there is information as far back as 2012 when LinkedIn was hit by a major data leak, and hopefully those who were covered then have changed all their passwords since then.

Even if hackers could not use any of the passwords, they can still use the email addresses. With 3.2 billion email addresses, it is possible to direct large amounts of spam and phishing emails to everyone on the list.

You can easily check if you are among the billions of leaked login information. CyberNews has a search engine for email addresses here and the website Have i been pwned? have another one you can try.

It is always important to pay extra attention when you receive emails with links. No matter how legitimate they look, it can be phishing that tries to access passwords and bank card information. Never click on links you are the least bit unsure of, always verify the sender and always be skeptical when you have to send something via text fields on the internet.

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