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3 world trends that drive the smart city

3 world trends that drive the smart city

Here we go through three external trends that affect the smart city. Digitization, urbanization, and sustainability you also get answers to what a smart city is.

Digitization – Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the storage of personal data raise questions about integrity and ethics at the forefront. At the same time, the enormous amount of information available can help create seamless and customized experiences for citizens. Digital solutions are at the heart of the development of the smart cities of the future as our lives are computerized. 

2. Urbanization – Mass relocation to the cities and a rapidly increasing population means a high burden on the cities’ infrastructure and community planning. The cities of the future must be adapted with smart digital and technical solutions. Citizens must be integrated and feel a sense of belonging and well-being in the city. 

3.  Sustainability – Younger generations requires policy instruments to address environmental issues and the intelligent distribution of the earth’s resources. In cities, start-ups are leading the development for smart and efficient resource allocation in many areas, such as food and transport tightly packed cities require more climate-smart social solutions. 


What does “smart city” mean?

A smart city is a city that uses digitalization and innovation to make life better for citizens, businesses, and visitors. Each city and country is based on its own conditions. Therefore no smart city looks the same. 

With the right investments, digital technology and new innovations can result in great societal gains through more efficient use of resources and more sustainable thinking. Solutions can include everything from advanced digital services to more green areas, to make the city easier and more pleasant to be and live in as a citizen, trader or visitor.  

How does business contribute to the smart city?

You who is a representative of the business community. Do you need someone to play the ball around with smart cities? Make new connections? Reach out with your products and services that improve the quality of life for the citizen? Talk to us at Smart City Stockholm and our smart partners Stockholm City, KTH, and Geoforum.

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