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4 Essential  Tools for Digital Nomads

Technology is making life easier every day and as a digital nomad you can take advantage of modern technology in order to be successful as you travel around the world.

Here we feature four of the most popular tools for digital nomads:

1.Google Flights

Travelling on a budget means always watching your spending and what better way to do that than when selecting a flight. Google Flight aggregates all the deals from multiple vendors and presents them to you in an orderly manner. You can then add various filters to narrow down your search.  Most often Google Flights will find you a fare cheaper than any physical travel agent.

2.Google Maps

Knowing where you are and knowing the route to get to your next destination is important for digital nomads.

Google Maps is a tool you will probably use every day of your travels. It has all the maps, roads, directions and so much more to make sure you never get lost. Google Maps also offers ar ipad app development that works in the Apple iOS platform.

If you click on the name of a particular business you can see more details about that business including its opening hours, address, telephone number and also check out reviews as well.


We all collect various reward or loyalty points and the mobile app allows users to store all their important points information in one place so you are always in control. When you want to claim and use points you can simply open the app and figure out exactly how many points you have under each separate vendor. This way you can easily check if any transaction you are thinking of making will benefit from your points in hand.

4.Alfred Camera

If you are leaving your room or accommodation for extended periods then you might want to keep an eye on it whilst you’re gone. The Alfred Camera mobile app allows you to connect any spare phone with wi-fi connectivity and use it as a recording device. This is all possible due to augmented reality app design.

If you are looking to develop the next hit digital nomad mobile app then make sure to check out Elegant Media, they have built over 1000 mobile apps for a variety of happy and satisfied customers.

To be a productive digital nomad you need the right tools so dive in and discover how technology can make your digital nomad experience a positive one.

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