4 indie games to discover on the Nintendo Switch

4 indie games to discover on the Nintendo Switch

Five years after its launch, the Nintendo Switch has just joined the 100 million club. The Switch is now the fifth highest-selling console of all time. And from Monster Hunter to The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo’s hybrid console boasts its fair share of smash-hit franchises. But the Switch has also become a go-to system for indie publishers, even breathing new life to previously released titles. So, are you looking for new venues to explore on your Switch console? Here come four indie games to get your hands on.

The Touryst

Do you need a break from it all? Why don’t you go on a tourist trip then? Released in late 2019, The Touryst is a one-of-a-kind action-adventure puzzle game. Your vacation starts on a perpetually sunny island, where you can simply relax and grab a seat by the beach. 

But your mustachioed character can’t sit still for long, and he goes island hopping. The Touryst takes you from lush tropical expanses to Mediterranean-like seaside resorts. Blending light puzzle-solving and exciting exploration, this indie gem is the perfect treat for fans of casual and soothing gameplay. Besides, the game’s voxel art style is a feast for the eyes.


If you’re looking for an award-winning game to play on the Switch, look no further. Published by Supergiant Games, Hades took the world by storm in 2020. The same year, this mythology-themed roguelike action game won the prize for Best Indie Game at both the Game Awards and the Golden Joystick Awards. 

Since then, Hades has definitely established itself as one of the very best entries on the system. Critics praised the game early on for its well-developed story and character-building. Gamers couldn’t agree more, as Hades was the best-selling digital game on the Nintendo Switch at launch. 

And while the game has been released on many more platforms, the Switch’s portability makes it the perfect system for this wickedly difficult dungeon crawler game. As you try to break out of the Greek underworld, death will occur on more than one occasion. But that’s all part of the fun of this superb indie title.

Aviary Attorney

Did you play and love all Ace Attorney games? Then Aviary Attorney might just be the game you’ve been looking for until Capcom releases Ace Attorney 7. Developed by Sketchy Logic, Aviary Attorney takes obvious inspiration from the beloved attorney game series. 

Players take on the mantle of a defence attorney in a series of criminal cases. Much like Phoenix Wright, they investigate and gather clues before heading to court. And just like the Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, the story travels back a few centuries.

In a quirky twist, though, the game takes place in a city of Paris inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. All character designs derive from the caricatures of French artist J.J. Grandville. The music of Camille Saint-Saëns also sets the mood for an atmospheric jump in time. 

Card Shark

Card games are nothing new on the Switch. Card Shark, however, shakes up the formula. In this British indie game, there’s no winning without cheating. The journey begins when the Comte de Saint-Germain recruits a young mute to become his con artist. His goal is to extort money from the high and mighty of the 18th-century French society. 

Following the Comte’s instructions, the player thus stacks the cards or blatantly steals them in a delectable succession of mini-games. This indie game even involves some fencing, and a couple of period celebrities to add into the mix. Still, the real thrill lies in mastering all the newer tricks that unfold as the story progresses. 

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