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5 Best American E-Liquid Brands To Buy In The UK

American E Liquid is something that we recommend every vaper try at least once in their lifetime. While UK produced e liquid is great, there is something special about trying a juice from a different country to see how their manufacturers put their spin on some of the flavours that we call know and love.

The biggest difference between American e-liquid and UK e-liquid is normally the amount of sweetener used in the products. Americans are known for their love of sweeter e liquid, and their flavours certainly can be sweet!

We’ve taken a look at the 5 Best American E Liquid Brands To Buy In The UK so you can be sure you are trying the best flavours available right now.


Anarchist e liquid was created by famous coil builder OhmboyOC. All of the flavours by Anarchist are defined by colour (which also helps you work out what flavour the juice is!). Anarchist Purple is grape bubblegum, while Anarchist Red is Strawberry Candy. With plenty of great flavours available, we still love Anarchist Black – vanilla cupcake with fruity cereal frosting!

Vaper Treats

Vaper Treats is another range born from the same brain that is behind Anarchist – OhmboyOC. Vaper Treats is a range of american e liquid flavours based around some classic desserts, candies and some things that we’d love to try!. Grab a delicious sweet treat with Cupcake Man Blueberry, a classic sherbert with Pixy Dip or go all out for a decadent creamy e liquid with Cookies & Custard.

Coil Spill

On the surface, Coil Spill doesn’t appear to be that big of a brand with them only having 5 flavours. Diving deeper, you can appreciate the true beauty of these complex e liquids and they are certainly one of our top picks for anyone wanting something a little bit different to try.

From the banana cream pancakes of Layover to the delicious dessert concoction that is Baker’s Daughter, there are some amazing choices. We are still in love with R.K.O.I (rich kids of instagram) – the best strawberry champagne e liquid on the market without question.

Ohmboy OC

A name that has appeared on this list more than any other, and it’s for a good reason – OhmboyOC makes some amazing e liquids! His own branded range of four e liquids aim to be the best flavour in each of the flavour profiles. No desserts here, just delicious fruit and candy flavours. If you are looking for something special, Rocket Blast is a delicious mix of blue raspberry and pink lemonade dreamed up in collaboration with the one and only GrimmGreen!


Yet another coil builder on the list, Coilturd has three delicious offerings to satisfy any vaper looking for a new delicious flavour. A Liquid For Vaping is an amazing peach iced tea, Strawberry Something is arguably one of the best strawberry cheesecake flavours available and Bule Bolu is a perfect banana cream cake!

It doesn’t make any difference where your e liquid is manufactured, it’s down to you finding out what style of shortfill e liquid you prefer and who your favourite manufacturers are. As long as your e liquid is produced in a safe environment using the best quality ingredients (and following all e liquid laws and regulations in your country), you are free to enjoy whatever flavours you want!.

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