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5 Tech Options Tradeshow Booth Managers Should Definitely Explore

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Tradeshows are important business events. Whether you need to launch new products on your tradeshow booth or to sell existing ones, tech devices are some of the best options. Technology devices like iPads, Laptops, VR and others offer great product presentation capabilities. So, tradeshow booth managers should plan which tech devices to include very carefully.

Organizing your tradeshow appearance is a critical part of the business. New startups, small businesses and even established large brands take tradeshows very seriously.
These mega business events are always high in competition. Your booth will have to attract people with whatever means possible. More people you can attract to your booth, better sales generation can be expected.

Here are some tech options booth managers should never miss out on tradeshows:

Virtual Reality for Tradeshow Booth Managers

Virtual reality isn’t quite new. However, it is still the cutting-edge technology offering unique content presentation with lot more possibilities. For tradeshows, VR can be the catalyst you need to attract attention. It can help make people talk about your tradeshow booth.

Medical, real estate, gaming, application and software development and many other industries use VR very efficiently. Custom developed content can be used on VR devices. If your business industry has content for VR, these devices are best. Even if not, you can simply offer VR games and videos regardless.

Also, businesses don’t need to purchase expensive VR devices on their full prices. VR rental options are available at much cheaper prices. Booth managers should always try to incorporate VR in some shape or form on their tradeshow setups.

Preloaded Apps for Mobile Devices Including iPads and Smartphones

Mobile devices including iPads and smartphones are some of the best tools for tradeshows. These can be the perfect branding devices and also media display options. If you already have got iPads or the required smartphones, make sure to use them on tradeshows.

Also, when these devices are not available in-house, you have the option to get iPad rentals and smartphone hire. When you get these services from professional service providers, they will offer preloaded apps availability as well.

In fact, highest quality tech rental services offer on-site installation for preloaded apps iPads and smartphones. Also, these services make your life a lot easier saving time. Tradeshow booth managers should always ask their tech rental company to provide preloaded apps.

Touch Screen Laptops and Display Technology

Laptops in the workspace are required to store data, provide computational functionality and exchange information in various formats. However, when used on tradeshow booths, their usability changes a lot. Instead of using other input devices, touch screen displays make the most sense.

Tradeshow booth managers should go for laptops with touch screen capabilities. These modern versions allow interaction of the highest quality for users, visitors and perspective customers. Also, many new laptops come with touchscreen options aiding tradeshow usage.

Additionally, laptop rental services are available from tech hire solutions as well. Instead of having to purchase these expensive pieces of tech, businesses can rent them for temporary usage requirements. So, be sure to get laptops with touch screen hardware.

Video Wall for Tradeshow Booth Managers

Branding on large video walls makes most sense. A large video wall is visible 300 feet away even in crowded places. Branding and advertisement are what you need on public events like tradeshow and exhibitions. Large video wall that you use must be tall enough to boost visibility as well.

Tradeshows are special business events where products are sold and brand advertisement is focused on. So, using large video walls with display technology is the best way to go. These tend to save you money in the long run as well. Also, video wall rentals are available options when required as well.

Tradeshow Booth Managers Should Never Miss Out on Charging Stations

Do you want your tradeshow booth to be the go-to place for everyone on that tradeshow? If yes, include a charging station and it will pull attention the best. Everyone on tradeshows comes with their own tech including cameras, iPads, laptops and whatnot.

When these devices for reviewers and regular people run out of battery, they would want to charge them. However, tradeshow organizers seldom offer free charging stations. This is where you can steal the show by offering your own free private charging station for whoever visits your booth. Smart, right!

Bottom Line

To make tradeshow booths attractive and productive is the number one priority for tradeshow booth managers. So, if your business is being presented at a tradeshow, make sure to use the required tech devices for best results. Tech device rental options offer the required service when needed.

Use iPads and smartphones for branding and content interaction. Also, large display walls can be the perfect implementation. VR devices can help make your booth stand out. Charging stations can always turn heads and make people come to your booth to solve their charging problems.

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