5 Unusual Tradeshow Tips to Bring Big Unexpected Benefits This Year

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Tradeshows can be quite crucial for business success. Small businesses and new startups can get so much done on these big business events. From selling products quickly to expanding the brand portfolio, tradeshows and exhibitions can bring great benefits. Also, some professional tradeshow tips can help businesses make the most out of their public event appearance.

There are some less discussed tradeshow booth tricks that can help get maximum benefit. Of course, most businesses are familiar with the usual ones. However, what you need to consider is the intense tradeshow and exhibition competition that will always be there. Many different similar brands attend the same exhibition. So, here are some unusual tradeshow tips that can help you achieve more:

1: Add Your Own Lighting Where Required

Lighting is often a great letdown on public events. Tradeshow organizers offer good lighting but often, it is not great. Also, when you want your booth to grab the most attention, lighting needs to stand out. So, it will be in your best interest to add your own custom lighting on that booth.

Make sure that lighting angles are just right. They must not get in the eyes of visitors too much and yet illuminate the most important parts of your booth fully. Giving your lighting arrangement a test run is very important. Eliminate chances of making people leave your booth with too bright lights as well.

Also, another great option is to add some special attention-grabbing lights. These will be similar to those when new stores open in a shopping mall. Again, make sure these are also not too much in the face. Do lighting right and it will attract great attention. This is one of the best unusual tradeshow tips.

2: Put a Charging Station There for Instant Buzz

Want people to be talking about your tradeshow booth instantly? You can create that buzz at the exhibition floor by adding a unique charging station. Reviewers, social media influencers and people generally come to exhibitions with their heavy electronic equipment.

Those cameras, lights, laptops and just about every other piece of equipment quickly runs out of battery. So, when you offer charging stations to charge their equipment up, it is a buzz in itself. Word of mouth with make your tradeshow booth a hit on that floor.

Also, charging station rentals are available when needed. Your tech hire company where you are getting those laptops or iPads for rental will most likely offer charging stations too. So, add these to your booth and people will want to charge their devices on it. Once there, sell them your idea and products.

3: Offer Small Refreshments on Your Tradeshow Booth

Tradeshows and exhibitions are usually very long hour events. Also, most of these are located away from big cities and towns. Although most tradeshows have dedicated food stalls, but once people are inside, food is scarce. Foods and drinks are always appreciated no matter what you do.

So, our important tradeshow tips include offering visitors some small refreshments. Just a simple glass of water, tea or coffee can go a long way. Offer them a small candy or a snack if you can afford it. This will bring big returns in shape of praise from visitors.

Also, small refreshments don’t cost much at all. These are cheap add-ons that can bring so much benefit for tradeshow booths. Use these tradeshow tips and make your booth the most visited on any event. More people will bring more sales potential as well.

4: Go Digital with Branding and Share Dynamic Content

Branding will always play a vital role on all kinds of public events. However, newer more advanced ways of branding have much more to offer. Digital branding with displays and screens is just so much better than print-media. Dynamic content attracts way more attention than any printed banners or flexes.

iPad rental, laptop hire and large screens hire services are available for digital branding. A simple iPad booth with branded displays can go a long way into making people visit your booth. Our tradeshow tips are all geared around bringing maximum attention for your booth.

Also, digital branding allows for additional content displays as well. Large screens and laptops can also be used to introduce products, services as well. So, these tradeshow tricks also make your booth stand out from the rest. Make sure to check your tech rental options.

5: Hire a Mascot to Attract Attention

Ever tried a mascot on a public event? If you have, you’d know how efficient these tradeshow tips can be. Also, mascots don’t cost much if you can purchase their attire on your own. Purchasing what mascot wears will also allow businesses to reuse them for many exhibitions.

However, mascots need to be just the right people with the right attitude. They need to be friendly with the ability to attract people of all ages. Depending on the nature of your business and that tradeshow, mascots can be more efficient too. These are great add-ons for any business event anywhere.

Also, mascots can be your branding message through digital screens as well. Mascots bring so much attention. When done right, these can increase your booth’s visitor footfall by multiple numbers. These are surely great returns on investment. Businesses can also hire full-time mascots when needed too.

Bottom Line

Make your exhibition great with these great tradeshow tips. Launch new products or sell more of your existing ones by pulling visitor attention. Offer refreshments, digital branding and mascots to make your booth visited more. Also, add-ons like charging booths can really change the shape of your booth. Use the right lighting to attract maximum visitor attention on tradeshow booth too.

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