5 Ways Digital Drive Thru Menu Boards Boost Restaurant Sales

5 Ways Digital Drive Thru Menu Boards Boost Restaurant Sales

Digital signage is the best way to transform the business and communicate with its patrons. Many restaurants across the country do everything to improve the visibility and customer experience. Good drive-thru signage requires usual upfront costs. Restaurants that switched to digital drive-thru signs saw an increase in 8 % sales.

There are 5 ways digital drive-thru menu boards boost restaurant sales.

Presales and promotions

When the customer enters the drive-thru lane, you get the opportunity to presale them with popular menu items. By placing the signs, you can promote any menu item that helps to plant the seed for purchase. It is extremely beneficial when you introduce new menu items, serve as a presale advertisement, and improve exposure for future visits.

Upselling an order

Many people visit the drive-thru for a restaurant and have an idea of what they want. Some have certain types of food, so digital menu boards could be used to highlight certain food items. It will add sides, drinks, or dessert and encourage upsizing of certain meals. The Drive-thru lane menu can increase the average value of orders and boost drink sales. The efficient menu boards allow for more realistic representations of menu items that make the food more appealing. Prime burger enhances its sales by 50 % in the UK by using digital menu boards.

Segmenting Menu Items

 Another advantage of a digital menu board is to segment popular menu items and showcase your bestsellers. This alternate depends on sales and time of day without having to print and change a laminated sign physically. You can advertise breakfast, lunch, or dinner items. Moreover, you can also collect data to determine which items are best. By quickly changing the menu through digital technology, you save money on printing costs.  

Improved Customer Experience

To increase the profit, need to focus on improving the customer experience. Digital boards allow you to do all the best things for your outdoor business signs. Just focus on placement, sizing, right imagery, and adding movement. When things get easier and better, the drive-thru will speed up, and people will be able to make the decision faster. Customer satisfaction leads to more profit over time. 

Innovative technology

There are opportunities with digital signage to incorporate innovative technology. For instance, McDonald’s has integrated weather tracking technology into drive-thru signs so that they can promote McFlurries when it is hot and hot chocolate or coffee when it’s cold. It will increase the customer experience and purchase sales. You can also integrate some kind of recognition technology for better understanding. For example, Sweden started recognition technology and AI in the drive-thru to make more strategic recommendations to customers.

Bottom Line

Well, to boost restaurant sales, a digital drive-thru is the best option. It is necessary to invest in a high-quality menu board for the best results. Moreover, the innovative technology is the need for perfect readability in direct sunlight by using ultra-low power consumption and having the option of a large range in bad weather conditions.

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