5G is the name offifth generationmobile network, ie the network used by, for example, mobile phones to connect to the internet. 5G began to be rolled out in Sweden in 2020.

Also called: Femte generation mobile networks, 5th generation wireless systems

What is 5G?

5G is an abbreviation for fifth generation mobile network. The technology gradually replaces the previous mobile network and gives users both faster surfing and better coverage than with the previous mobile network, 4G.

5G began to be rolled out in Sweden in 2020. To be able to surf the 5G network, you must have a mobile phone that works with 5G.

With 5G, wireless gadgets can communicate with the world in near real time thanks to the response times being significantly shorter than with previous technologies. In addition, the capacity of the network increases, which means that more devices can be connected at the same time. These are great benefits for the development of the Internet of Things, the rapidly growing network of connected gadgets.

In the long run, 5G will probably pave the way for so-called “smart cities” that are filled with connected gadgets and sensors; for example, buildings that can interact with each other to save heat and energy or self-driving vehicles and smart cameras that help optimize the city’s traffic flows.

Is 5G Dangerous?

There is no scientific evidence that 5G is dangerous for health. Still, claims are circulating that radiation from 5G masts would be harmful. The concern is very similar to similar concerns raised about mobile phones in general, and previous mobile networks.

The majority of all research done on mobile phones finds no connection between them and, for example, an increased risk of tumors. Radio waves can be a contributing cause of various types of cancer, but then very high radiation doses are required.
In this context, the radiation from mobile phones is very low, even 5G phones.

Several Swedish authorities are responsible for questions about radiation from mobile phones, and monitor the issue continuously. BothThe Swedish Radiation Protection AuthorityandThe Swedish Public Health Agencyhas information pages about 5G.

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