7 Marketing Tips to Increase Followers on Social Media

7 Marketing Tips to Increase Followers on Social Media

From a well-established business to a startup, no one wants to leave even a single stone unturned when it comes to utilizing the power of social media. From building a brand voice to increasing engagements, social platforms are offering countless possibilities to businesses to stay on the competitive edge. 

Whether you are active on social media platforms for years or a newbie, there’s something that you can do to level up your online marketing strategy. In this article, we explain the tips and tricks that will help you to optimize your marketing efforts on social media sites.

Build a Strong Social Media Strategy

No two social media platforms are the same, and therefore, customizing your marketing strategy is important as per your business requirements. You should have a unique marketing plan for each social platform. Build targeted posts considering the end audience on each platform and align it with your purpose. 

For more effective results, focus more on producing quality content rather than increasing the frequency of posts. Understand your business goals and develop a plan to achieve these goals efficiently. Create posts that resonate with the audience and align your message to make it more appealing. 

You must know why you are using a particular platform, what benefits it can bring, who will be your target audience, and what would be the frequency of posts. 

Create Engaging Social Media Posts

Social media posts have to be engaging as they can play a vital role in increasing conversion. Your posts are the opportunity to build relationships with your customers; so, spend some time thinking about how they can add value to them in any way. 

You can add animation, music, and GIFs to build a compelling message that attracts attention and converts. Remember that having a business-focused and consistent theme on all your marketing platforms also results in increasing followers.

Keep a close eye on what’s trending in your niche industry and include relevant information in your posts. Most importantly, focus on increasing your followers to increase your social media engagement. 

Identify and Create Buyer Persona

A buyer persona is an imaginary or fact-driven representation of an ideal audience based on real statistics and market research about the existing customers. When you are running a business, you might already have buyer personas, and you can use the relevant information in connecting with people.

On the contrary, you may not know who your customers are, what age group they fall in, which income group they belong to, what their preferences are, and other similar information. Look at the analytics to explore more about your customers using demographic details. 

Filter out the demographic details to understand the customer’s pain points and explain how your product can solve the problem. 

Here are a few tips that will enable you to market your product effectively on various social media platforms. 

Post More Frequently on Instagram

Insta stories are chronological, which means each time you post something, your account appears on the top of the feed in your followers account. Use Stories to gain your followers’ attention, improve your brand awareness, and increase engagement

Other than Stories, you can also explore different content ideas, such as motivational quotes, videos, filtered pictures, and so on.

Prioritize Intuitive Video Content on LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn, you can optimize your video content for maximum reach. Most social media customers prefer playing videos without sound, and you can even add descriptive images along with closed captions for better engagement. 

Use Appropriate Hashtags on Twitter

Join conversations on Twitter to engage with people in your niche regardless of if they follow you or not. Establish yourself as a thought leader by contributing valuable insights into interesting topics and adding relevant branded hashtags for maximizing your reach. 

Use Ads, Promoted Posts & Go Live on Facebook

Facebook continues to level up its algorithm to change organic visibility; Facebook ads give reliability and assurance for higher visibility and maximum reach. Paid advertisements are a great way to accelerate your marketing effort if you have a budget.  


Social media platforms are constantly changing, with new trends and updates emerging every year. To stay competitive, marketers need to shift their marketing strategies. The focus must be given to creating quality content that can add value to your customers as well as the industry as a whole. 

You must know the art of reusing your marketing content, optimizing it to current business needs, and reposting it to connect with your existing as well as new customers. Consistency is the key, whether it is about the posts and tone; it builds customer loyalty in many different ways.

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