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7 Simple (But Important) Things to Consider About Choosing a PDF Annotator

We use PDF files almost every other day. They have become a part of daily routines for many people. We can see people viewing, editing, annotating, and managing their PDF files while working. However, we need PDF software to do all these things.

A PDF annotator can allow you to annotate PDF files by adding comments and highlights to the PDF document. There are several different programs available for annotation purposes. People sometimes get confused about which one to choose.

If you are also stuck with selecting the right PDF annotator, this article is for you. There are some simple yet important things that you must keep in mind while looking for the best PDF annotator. In this article, we will highlight some simple things to remember about a PDF annotator.

7 Things to Consider About PDF Annotator

1.   Accuracy

Accuracy is the core of any product. If you want to annotate any PDF file with an annotator, you must be able to do it with accuracy. Converting PDF files to other formats also demand accuracy. Therefore, it is better to look for a PDF annotator that can perform tasks accurately.

2.   Reliability

When you want to annotate a PDF file, you definitely need a program that is not only accurate but also reliable to use. Some PDF editors lack reliability, and you have to face issues while annotating a PDF. Choose a PDF that offers both accuracy and reliability.

3.   Pricing

There are many advanced PDF annotators available but they are often very expensive to use. Everyone wants a PDF program that is cheaper to use yet offers full functionality. However, there might be very few PDF programs that do this. So, it is essential to find a PDF annotator that is light on pocket yet offers high functionality.

4.   User Interface

The user interface is one of the main parts of any program. Complicated and complex user interfaces are not liked by people. They want simple yet attractive UI designs that are eye-catching and easy to use.

5.   Seamless Organization

How can we miss the organization of PDF files? When working with PDF documents, it is crucial to have a PDF annotator that enables you to organize your PDF files seamlessly. Whether it’s about rearranging PDF pages or adding page numbers, a PDF editor must be able to do it effortlessly.

6.   Multi-platform Availability

Multi-platform availability is another major factor when looking for a PDF program. Not everyone will have the same operating system. Some will have Mac, while others will be working on Windows. It is essential to choose a PDF annotator that offers multi-platform support and is compatible with every device.

7.   Effortless Annotating

How is it possible to talk about a PDF annotator without mentioning its annotation features? A PDF annotator should not only have the above mentioned features but also have exceptional annotating tools. It is essential to have a PDF annotator that offers several tools and functions to annotate PDF files effortlessly.

A PDF Annotator That Has It All

We mentioned some of the simple yet important things to remember about a PDF annotator. We all know that very few programs have all these features. However, they are expensive to use. Worry not. We have brought a program that has it all and is cheaper on the pocket. That PDF annotator is UPDF.

A PDF Annotator That Has It All – UPDF

UPDF is a free PDF editor and annotator that offers several functions to manage PDF files. Let’s discuss the above-mentioned features with respect to UPDF.

●    Accurate Operations

UPDF is a great PDF program that offers accuracy while performing every task. From converting PDF to editing PDFs, you can do it all accurately. 

●    Reliability and Security

UPDF is a very reliable source to annotate PDF files. It has all the features necessary to manage PDF files. It is secure to use.

●    Free of Cost

When it comes to pricing, UPDF has left every other software behind. UPDF is a completely free PDF annotator, and it does not require any charges or paid subscription to continue using its amazing features.

●    Stunning User Interface

UPDF has a stunning UI design. It has an easy-to-use interface that is not only attractive to the eyes but also very user-friendly. Anyone with even a little knowledge about PDF annotators can use it.

●    Seamless Organization

Organizing PDF files have never been this seamless with any other tool. Organize PDF files the way you want. Rearrange, rotate, and extract PDF pages the way you desire with UPDF.

●    Multi-platform Availability

UPDF supports different operating systems, and it is compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, and iPadOS devices. You can manage and annotate PDF files where you go. Some more versions for other devices are on the way and will be released soon.

●    Effortless Annotating

UPDF offers several different tools to annotate PDF files effortlessly. You can annotate a PDF file by adding comments, highlights, strikeouts, sticky notes, stickers, and text boxes. Also, you can insert different shapes such as ovals, rectangles, lines, arrows, etc. Learn how to annotate a PDF on Mac with UPDF in detail .


We mentioned some of the simple things to remember about a PDF annotator. Not only this, but we also gave you the best option to annotate PDF files. It is essential to have a program that has all the features to manage PDF files. UPDF has proved itself worthy by providing some of the best features.

You also don’t have to worry about its pricing. UPDF, being a free PDF program, will not cost you anything. Instead, UPDF offers full functionality to its users for free.

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