7 Simple Ways to Make Your Neighborhood Safer

Make Your Neighborhood Safer

All individuals want to feel safe in their neighborhoods. The good news is that it’s possible. Tight-knit groups remain the safest, even when they face imminent threats.

Safety starts with building a sense of community with your immediate neighbors. Then, those across the street from you and on your block. Ideally, all those who live within a three-block radius will know and lean on each other. 

Aside from getting to know your neighbors, explore other ways to make neighborhoods safe. For example, it’s important to secure pets so that they remain on the property, especially dogs. 

We outline seven simple ways to make your neighborhood safer.

1. Get to Know Your Neighbors

Communities that know their neighbors tend to remain among the safest. It prevents people from engaging in unsafe behavior on the property and near others. 

When individuals marry and have children, they realize that they do not want to live next to certain behaviors and habits. 

Therefore, parents and homeowners tend to work together to keep crime, drug use, and risky behavior out of their neighborhoods. 

2. Mind the Speed Limit

Making a neighborhood safe means keeping its residents safe from vehicles too. Therefore, neighbors must respect the posted speed limits or those outlined by the Department of Motors and Vehicles. 

If residents notice that vehicles ignore the speed limits or engage in dangerous driving behaviors, they must band together. Then, speak with local representatives at city hall or attend a council meeting.

Vehicle accidents can occur at any time including with UPS, FedEx, and Amazon delivery trucks. If you find yourself involved in an accident, contact professionals in the legal realm who can offer more advice

3. Start a Neighborhood Watch

You’ll notice that keeping neighborhoods safe requires active participation from the residents. Sometimes the nefarious behavior doesn’t come from within the community; it enters it from the outside. 

As America’s homeless population continues increasing, it has started to spread into suburban areas. Plus, it increases crime.

Whether homeless individuals seek shelter or somewhere to sleep at night, once it’s allowed, the behavior invites other issues such as open-air drug use, especially at community parks.

Thus, making the area safer means establishing a neighborhood watch. Residents don’t need to confront outsiders. Instead, they can simply keep them moving along. By not allowing them to become comfortable, they don’t develop the habit of returning. 

4. Keep Dogs on Property

Pet ownership in the United States remains high. Moreover, dogs remain the favorite pet of Americans. An estimated 70% of American households own a pet, and an estimated 69 million own a dog. 

Concurrently, an estimated 4.5 million individuals experience a dog bite annually, and about 800 thousand require medical attention.

Therefore, keeping a neighborhood safe means ensuring that dogs do not bite unsuspecting individuals. If someone does taunt them, owners should incorporate measures that prevent the dog from reaching the taunter.

5. Set Timers on Lights

Professionals believe that a great way to discourage individuals with nefarious intentions is to strategically use indoor and outdoor lighting.  

Crime in American cities also continues increasing, even in broad daylight. Nonetheless, residents must continue to deter it.

Strategically lit homes help deter the criminal element. Even though they feel bold, they still think twice before entering well-lit homes at night.

Whether you’re home or not, set timers on indoor and outdoor lighting too. Technology can help you stagger them.   

6. Keep It Clean

Property and homeowners know that ownership carries several responsibilities. Among them is keeping the property clean. It also helps to keep nearby areas clean, too, even when they belong to the city.

This means proactively removing graffiti and extra debris and repairing property damage promptly.

When something requires municipal attention, address the leadership as a group.

7. Participate in Community Events

Municipalities hold community events at communal parks and centers. You can also hold community events closer to home such as block outdoor cookouts, BBQs, and gatherings. 

The goal is to show solidarity with each other. It’s a great way to build trust and a simple way to make the neighborhood safe.


Once you purchase a home, that’s where you will live for the foreseeable future. Therefore, it’s in the best interest of residents to keep it clean and well-lit. When you also get to know your neighbors, you engage in simple ways to make it safer.

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