7 things that macOS Monterey can NOT do on your old Mac


Apple confirms that some features of macOS Monterey will NOT be released for Intel based computers. That means you have to buy a brand new Mac with an Apple M processor if you want to get everything Monterey has to offer.

  • Intel-based Macs limited to new Monterey
  • Apple writes about the limitations with just
  • Text-to-voice in Swedish only works with M1-equipped Macs

7 things Monterey can NOT do on your old Mac

  • Portrait mode in FaceTime with background blur in video calls
  • Live Text – a feature that allows you to select and copy text in images
  • Globvyn and Apple Maps
  • New, detailed maps in Apple Maps (San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and London)
  • Text to voice in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish
  • Find your device in offline mode
  • Dictation on the device for more than 60 seconds

Therefore, Apple limits what you get on your Intel computer

It is both worrying and sad that Apple is deliberately restricting users of Intel-based computers.

At the same time, it is not particularly surprising. The Apple M1 processor found in Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and iMac has built-in hardware functionality that enables things that Intel processors cannot.

Of course, there is also the conspiratorial idea that Apple disapproves of you buying the older Intel computers. The goal is to get everyone over to the M1 processors in the future.

Two macOS versions in the future?

If Apple continues to have limited macOS for Intel-based computers, we risk ending up in the same situation as for iOS and iPadOS.

On iPhone and iPad, the operating systems are divided into two parts. Newer models get the latest and hottest features, while the older ones only get bug and security fixes.
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Apple has promised that Intel-based Macs will be updated in the future as well.
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But there is nothing to stop the company from severely restricting the content of the updates.

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