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8 Killer Blogspot Seo Tips for Bloggers


WordPress is the most popular platform for creating blogs, but BlogSpot continues to be used by many people. BlogSpot SEO recommendations are scarce; therefore, today, we’re going to highlight some of the best practices for running a BlogSpot blog and making your posts rank. If you implement these tips into your blog, you’ll see a huge difference:

Custom Domain

To use BlogSpot, you’ll need to obtain a domain name. Get a custom domain name instead of the BlogSpot domain for better SEO rankings. This is the first thing you should do when starting your blog. This will assist you in creating a website that will aid in the development of a distinct brand for your blog.

URL Link of Post

Regarding how well your article ranks, the permalink, or the permanent link that directs readers to your content, is critical. The following are a few guidelines to keep in mind while you finalize your BlogSpot URLs:

  • Avoid using more than 50 characters in your subject line.
  • Your permalink should not contain any stop words like a, an, or the.

While editing the permalink, you may easily remove stop words. Using keywords in your permalink is a good idea, but don’t overdo it.

Keyword Optimization

Keeping your blog’s keyword density high is essential if you want to climb the blogosphere’s ranks. If you don’t employ a lot of keywords, your blog will be ranked lower. On the other hand, if you overuse keywords in your blog post, it may come across as spammy. Maintain a keyword density of roughly 2% per post. Use only the relevant keywords in your post title, and don’t go overboard with them. Upon completing your post, reread it to see if there are any places where you can introduce important keywords without misleading your viewers. Even copywriting tools like copywriter can help. digital marketing columbus ohio

BlogSpot Labels

You should avoid using labels to categorize people. Your blog post’s keyword density is greatly enhanced by using labels. It’s easy to miss out on keyword phrases like “android technology” and “android mobile technology” while writing about Android and using the label “software” or “technology.” Labels in BloggerSpot affect related blogs as well. Therefore, avoid using the same label for multiple postings with comparable content.

Blogger Post Title Formatting

Regarding BlogSpot, your site’s title will play an important role in attracting viewers. As a blogger, you must ensure that your blog is SEO-friendly to rank well in search results seo consultant columbus. Determine your major keyword and incorporate it in your post’s headline after researching the topic for best results, including one of your most important keywords in the post’s initial line.

Format Images

Once the blog post’s title has been decided, the next step is to ensure that the images have been optimized. This can be accomplished by ensuring that the alt and title tags on all photographs you upload to your blog are complete. Plugins are used by other blogging platforms, such as WordPress, to accomplish this. However, this must be done by hand if you’re using BlogSpot. It’s important to manually add keywords to your photographs after uploading them for search engine optimization.

Add Meta Tags

In simple terms, meta tags are snippets describing a post’s content. Thanks to these HTML tags, search engines can recognize a URL’s title and description. Meta tags are tiny descriptions that appear in the source code of a web page and are used by search engines to identify a web page. The post’s title, description, and footer must all include the post’s primary keywords. This improves the blog post’s search engine rankings.

Comments on Post

Moderators can handle spam comments, so don’t turn them off. Spam comments can be easily removed if you only allow them to appear after you have approved them. Be careful to approve all comments containing keywords, as they contribute to the post’s total keyword density.


All the Basic SEO Tips for Blogspot Blogs that we follow have been explained. Let us know what you think in the comments section below. You are welcome to share this article with your social networks and follow us on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter if you enjoy it. We sincerely hope you found it interesting and helpful.

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