8 new office tips that every business owner needs to hear

These days, it’s not enough to have a website. You need to have the right site, made with the right software. But what most people don’t realize is that your office environment is just as important as your site if you want to have an optimal business and get ahead of your competition.

In this post we will be going over 8 new office tips for owners who want to lead their industry in terms of productivity and efficiency at work.

1. Close your door.

Studies have shown that noise, especially low frequency noise like white noise has the ability to improve brain function and concentration by lowering cortisol levels (a stress hormone) in the brain. This effect can last up to four days after you’ve moved away from a busy office environment. So to get the most out of your day, close the door and lock it behind you so that all distractions will be gone and work can start, uninterrupted.

2. Get a sit stand desk

Many people complain about their lack of physical activity and how desk jobs are detrimental to health. And for these people getting a sit stand desk is like the answer to their prayers. Standing and sitting at work on your desk can make you tired, lethargic, and grumpy (not necessarily in that order). By getting a sit stand desk you’ll get the benefits of having a healthier body while working. 

3. Move your chair

If you’re sitting in the same chair all day, then you might as well be working in the same place. Our brain needs to make constant adjustments while we are working to maintain balance. This is why movement is good for your brain and helps you process information faster and more efficiently. So if you want to be more productive, then you should get a standing desk as well and start moving your chair every now and then and every time you stand up.

4. Put your phone away at the end of the day

It’s important to put your phone away at the end of the day to avoid distractions while working like texts and calls, which can sometimes even affect your memory. This is why distraction-free environments are crucial for people who want to perform better at work.

5. Buy new technology for your office environment for computers, phones and tablets

It’s also important to replace all of your office technology as often as possible because it can become outdated, limiting your productivity and efficiency. In order to keep pace with the latest technology that you see in other offices, it’s best to buy new equipment instead of upgrading older models.

6. Take regular breaks throughout the day

Studies have shown that people are more creative and productive when they take a break to do something else while they are working such as stretching or socializing with their co-workers. This helps them remove focus from their work and make room for ideas that will improve their situation at work.

7. Consider having L shaped desk in your office

This is a great office space trick that works very well as it provides you with the most comfortable environment while at work. When you have good ergonomics, your body can relax and doesn’t feel tired or strained throughout the day. This will keep you more productive in your work and allow you to focus on your tasks instead of worrying about being tired after awhile.

8. Have a soothing environment for work

Studies show that high-traffic places like offices are hard on people’s brains because of all the busy chatter, loud music and bright lights that cause stress and headaches.


The office is a place for productivity and efficiency. It’s where your business happens, and where you want to be at your best. However, with so many things to do, it can be hard to stay focused on what really matters at work. But by following the tips listed above, you will get the most out of your office environment and set yourself up for success as a business owner in today’s modern economy.

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