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A Short Guide on Explainer Video Animation For 2022


Videos have buzzing popularity around the world. People watch videos with keen interest and profoundly impact their minds. Animation videos are excellent resources for entertainment to an audience. They have been entertaining viewers for ages.

In earlier decades, television was a popular and powerful medium of providing entertainment to viewers. It was the only platform of broadcasting at that time and delivered fun and leisure to the audience. Television has ruled for centuries, and still, it provides a quality source of knowledge and information to the mass public.

Businesses at that time used television as a platform for promoting their brands and advertising their products to customers. They play TV commercials to catch viewers’ attention and entice them to buy a product. Then, the internet arrived and created a miraculous revolution in the field of technology. People switched their massive attention from television to the internet.

YouTube is the first-ever online video channel that offers an incredible value of knowledge and entertainment to the target audience.
It has the largest video database in the world and delivers countless on-demand, live, and recorded video content to viewers. YouTube is a part of Google now and holds a tremendous reputation in the video marketing industry. Except for YouTube, there are several other video channels that offer original quality videos to customers such as Dailymotion, Meta Cafe, and Vimeo.

As the demand for videos increases further, many companies hire professional video production services to build custom-friendly videos for customers. They add animation to enhance visual engagement and highlight their products to convince people to buy. Companies build explainer videos to explain the core features of products and provide comprehensive detail of services to target customers.

Here is a short guide on using explainer video animation for businesses in 2022:

What is Explainer Video?

By definition, an explainer video is a short-length video designed by companies with an aim to portray a brand or showcase products to the target audience. The term “explainer” is derived from explanation. It is a specific kind of video built to explain something to the end-users. It may include any idea to a product or any software that complicates to users.

Customers find confusion in understanding a product and think it difficult to get it. Explainer video simplifies the complex idea and makes it easier for customers to understand. It changes a boring product video into interesting and engaging to compel buyers to buy it.

Types of Explainer Video

Explainer videos can be of the following types:

2D Explainer Video

A 2d explainer video consists of a two-dimensional video format that uses a flat geometric design structure with a length and width. It is easy to create and share with others. The 2D explainer video is affordable to build and enjoyable to watch. It uses imaginative characters to move and communicate with each other. Designers can conceive an engaging script and convert it into storyboarding to promote products and deliver a meaningful message to the audience.

3D Explainer Video

A 3d explainer video is realistic to the audience and provides a natural attraction to them. It gives a simplified solution to the complicated idea and exhibits a 360-degree view of the products to customers. A 3d explainer video is eye captivating and shows a versatile appeal to the audience to help them understand complex subjects amusingly.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is a traditional way of showcasing the product with a hand drawing. It draws beautiful and colorful sketches to deliver the complicated product idea straightforwardly. Whiteboard explainer video uses an original script to convey customers’ messages. It does not need any software or template to explain things to users and catches the immediate attention of customers.

Motion Graphics Animation Videos

As the name implies, it refers to motion graphics. The motion graphics comprises icons and illustrations to convey the right message to the audience. It is an ideal technique for businesses to explain their products and services to customers.

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography refers to the moving of text. It displays a textual motion and uses a variety of typefaces to bold and highlight the title and heading of the text. It is a cost-effective way of creating motion explainer videos and is suitable for smartphones. This smart video animation technique is helpful in delivering compelling video content for the audience.

Essential Qualities of Explainer Video Animation

The first and foremost quality of explainer videos is short length. These are ninety seconds duration videos designed to capture due attention of customers. They are built to address a specific issue in a particular product and provide a valuable solution to customers.

The tone of explainer videos is persuasive. They persuade customers and convince them to buy a product in a short time. Adding a call to action in explainer videos gives a strong message to customers. They also add soft music to have a profound impact on the viewers and enhance their mood. The purpose of explainer videos is to highlight the benefits of using a product rather than showcasing its features.

Why do Businesses need explainer videos?

Businesses need explainer videos for a variety of reasons. They are ideal tactics to deliver the maximum information in a short-length video. Explainer videos are engaging to customers and create original quality scripts to entice and convince buyers to buy the products. Businesses invest in explainer videos and receive a major share of profit and revenue from them. They are attention-grabbing and sharable to a wide array of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. Explainer videos increase the search rankings and boost the value of traffic to bring exceptional conversions.


Hence, in a nutshell, the above-mentioned is a short explainer video guide for readers. Businesses have a demand for explainer videos to explain the features and benefits of their brand products. They deliver a valuable message to the customers and support their buying decisions to drive traffic and lead conversion.

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