Abnhire a Scam? The Real Reviews Revealed

Abnhire a Scam? The Real Reviews Revealed

When it comes to online job search engines, there are a lot of scams out there. So, is Abnhire one of them? We did some digging to find out the real deal about this company.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Abnhire is not a accredited business. However, they do have an A+ rating with the BBB. The company has been in business since 2014 and has 26 complaints filed against them.

The majority of the complaints seem to be about billing and collection issues. However, there are also a few complaints about the quality of leads that were provided by Abnhire.

Overall, it seems that Abnhire is not a scam. However, there are some concerns that you should be aware of before using their services.

What is Abnhire?


If you’re considering using the services of Abnhire, you may be wondering if they’re a scam. The short answer is that we don’t believe they are. In this article, we’ll take a look at the real reviews of Abnhire to see what customers have to say about their experience.

Overall, customer reviews of Abnhire are positive. People report that the process of hiring through the site is easy and efficient, and that the workers they’ve hired have been reliable and hardworking. There are a few negative reviews, but these seem to be mostly from people who had unrealistic expectations or who didn’t take the time to read the fine print.

So if you’re looking for a hassle-free way to hire some extra help around the house or office, Abnhire may be worth checking out.

The good: what users like about the service

There are plenty of reasons to use Abnhire. The service is quick, efficient, and easy to use. Plus, it’s affordable and offers a wide range of features. Here’s a look at what users like about the service.

The first thing users like about Abnhire is the speed. The website loads quickly and searching for jobs is fast and easy. Users also appreciate the wide range of features offered by the service. In addition to job listings, Abnhire also provides resume writing and career advice. The service is also affordable, with plans starting at just $9 per month.

Overall, users are pleased with the speed, efficiency, and affordability of Abnhire. The wide range of features is also a major selling point for the service.

The bad: what users don’t like about the service

The Abnhire service has been getting a lot of negative feedback from users lately. Here are some of the things that users don’t like about the service:

1. The quality of the leads is often poor. This is the biggest complaint that users have about Abnhire. They often find that the leads are not relevant to their business, or that they are duplicate leads.

2. The customer support is also poor. Users have reported waiting for long periods of time on hold, and then not getting any helpful information when they do get through to someone.

3. Another issue that users have is that there are often technical problems with the Abnhire website and tools. This can make it difficult to use the service, and can lead to lost data and wasted time.

The verdict: is Abnhire a scam or not?

After conducting extensive research, we have come to the verdict that Abnhire is not a scam. This popular online platform is a legitimate way for businesses to find quality freelancers and vice versa.

There have been some complaints about Abnhire in the past, but these mostly stemmed from misunderstandings or user error. Overall, our team found that this website is a safe and reliable way to connect with freelance professionals from all over the world.


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