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Access your iCloud passwords in Windows with the new iCloud for Windows 10

Soon you can save your iCloud passwords in Windows. Apple is working on an add-on to the Chrome browser, but the exact time it will be released is not entirely clear.

The news comes in the same vein as Apple introducing a new version of iCloud for Windows. The big news is support for the keychain in iCloud that houses all your saved passwords.

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The support is activated with the help of a Chrome extension that Apple will release soon. This allows you to save, use and view your passwords in the keychain.

The advantage is of course that you who often switch between macOS / iOS / iPadOS and Windows should be able to quickly access login information regardless of which operating system you currently have.

The latest version of iCloud for Windows 10 can be found at the Microsoft Store here. The download is free and the app is maintained by Apple, not Microsoft.

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iCloud for Windows 10 works with several different browsers. In addition to Chrome, which also gets the official extension, the app can be used with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer 11 or later.

If you run an older version or a completely different email client, you are out in the cold, unfortunately.

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