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Ad Blocker Explained |  Glossary |  Internet knowledge

Ad Blocker is a type of application that can be installed on computers and mobile phones to prevent ads from appearing on web pages. The most common is that the ad blocker is installed as a browser plug-in.

Also: ad blocker, ad blocker (English)

What is an ad blocker?

Ad Blocker is usually a so-called browser plug-in. With an ad blocker installed, the ads found on the various web pages you visit will not be displayed. The ad blocker detects and blocks the parts of a website that may be ads.

Benefits of ad blockers

Ad blockers can stop the display of regular ads, video ads, pop-ups, and so-called third-party cookies that collect information about your web presence for the purpose of selling ads. In addition to avoiding seeing unwanted advertising, ad blockers can also provide stronger privacy protection.

Additional benefits of an ad blocker are some malware protection, faster load times, easier-to-read web pages, and a reduced risk of your device being infected with malware.

How to install an ad blocker?

Ad Blocker is usually installed as a browser plug-in, such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. It can also be used on Iphone and Android mobiles. There are many different ad blockers that block different types of advertising. Many are free.

Examples of some common ad blockers are Adblock, Adblockerplus, uBlock and Ghostery.

It often takes no more than one click to install the ad blocker to a web browser. To find one that suits you – search for ad blocker + the name of the browser you are using. Also, make sure that the ad blocker you choose comes from a trusted provider.

Disadvantages of ad blockers

The use of ad blockers is controversial for some. For many websites, such as news sites and other media sites, ads are an important source of revenue and these tend to counteract the use of ad blockers.

It is therefore common for visitors who have ad blockers installed to suffer from restrictions on the availability of information on various sites and are asked to turn off the ad blocker in order to access the content.

Advertisements can also be seen as an option for content or a service on the web to be offered free of charge.

For those who have ad blockers installed but still want to support, for example, their local newspaper, it is possible to allow ads on selected sites.

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