Adobe Photoshop now works optimally on the Apple M1

Adobe has updated Photoshop to support the Apple M1 processor. This means that the app works optimally on the new processor, without the need for emulation.

The advantage of the optimizations is that Photoshop does not need to use Rosetta 2 to emulate on Apple M1 computers. This increases performance while reducing energy consumption.

In a direct comparison between Intel and M1, the latter takes home the profit at Adobe. According to the company, Photoshop is up to 1.5x faster at doing things on the M1 processor.

And it is not only in the editing phase that you notice the improvements. Adobe believes that you will feel a difference in other parts as well, such as launching the app.

Photoshop has been in a beta phase where a selected number of users get the chance to try the app on their M1 computers. Today, the version has been rolled out to all users in all markets.

At the same time, Adobe says they continue to work with Apple to optimize all apps in Creative Cloud.

These great performance improvements are just the beginning, and we will continue to work together with Apple to further optimize performance over time.

And it may be needed. Because even though Photoshop has been optimized for M1, there are some parts of the app that are still not 100 percent compatible yet. Among other things, editing cloud documents and synchronizing so-called presets.

Other apps that Adobe has already updated for the Apple M1 are Premiere Pro, Premiere Rush and Audition.

Furthermore, Adobe announces that they are continuing the development of the iPad app by Photoshop. Among other things, with version history for cloud-stored documents and the ability to work with cloud files even without an Internet connection.

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