Advantages of using a virtual private server

Advantages of using a virtual private server

A virtual private server offers you a server for our own website, whilst still hosting it on the same server as others. This is made possible by using virtualization technology, splitting servers into separate parts. This allows site owners to lower their prices whilst having control over their server and improves performance. A virtual private server is unlike any other server and is considered better than shared plans where different sites sometimes have to compete with each other and are also much cheaper, providing faster speeds. The main advantages of this hosting plan are listed below in detail:

You can increase the reliability of your website

On shared servers, as mentioned above the performance of one site can affect the performance of others for example if another site becomes very popular another site will do less well. Loading times are an important factor for the relatability of websites because if a website’s loading time is extremely slow this will drive away visitors off the site. Whereas a virtual private server provides an environment just for one particular website this means the impact of other sites will not be a concern as it is safely separate from other sites and has a better chance of ensuring a positive experience for its visitors and customers.

It can improve performance

With shared servers, they may be slowed down by other sites whereas a virtual private server it performs better as it functions separately from others sites and cannot be slowed down by them. Virtual private servers also provide a wider range of resources than shared servers as it has more storage and uses more advanced technology. Due to this, visitors will have a more positive experience on these sites as pages will load quicker and the website can function much faster.

It provides more resources

Another major advantage of virtual private servers compared to shared servers is that sites are able to have full control over how resources are used whereas with a shared server this control is reduced. When you adopt a virtual private server, you can use the resources provided as much as needed and however you want, making it easier to control more than one website at a time.

You are able to choose the plan you want

A big decision when choosing to go with a virtual private server is if you want a managed or unmanaged plan. Beeks Group VPS offers both managed and unmanaged plans ranging at different prices from 5 dollars to 15 dollars per month depending on the plan. An unmanaged virtual private server provides utter freedom to your website and makes you responsible for the maintenance and processing of the server. To some people this can seem like a lot of work and so may rather go for a managed plan where a web host takes control of the server for you, allowing you to focus and improve the website and business side rather than having to worry about the server. 

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