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AirPods Max and HomePod do NOT support Lossless Audio


Have you heard of the new Lossless Audio that will make music much better on Apple Music? Do you think your super expensive AirPods Max is supported? Then you, unfortunately, think wrong.

In fact, no AirPods headphones support Lossless Audio. This is simply not possible due to restrictions on the Bluetooth connection to your mobile phone.

Reading tips: Apple Releases Spatial Audio & Dolby Atmos to Music (Coming June 2021)

And even worse for AirPods Max is that not even corded use allows you to use Lossless Audio. You can get an analog connection via the Lightning cable, but digital audio formats do not work that way.

Converts audio to analog with AirPods Max

If you connect your AirPods Max too, for example, your iPhone via the Lightning cable, you must use the associated adapter for Lightning to 3.5mm.

When you play a Lossless Audio compatible song, it is digital and in 24/48 format. The song is converted from a digital to an analog signal, and then to digital again.

Because the new digital signal is not identical to the source signal, Apple cannot call it lossless.

AirPods Max supports Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos

One positive thing is at least that AirPods Max supports Spatial Audio, also called spatial audio, with Dolby Atmos.

It gives a greater feeling that the sound will be immersive and the technology will reach 20+ million songs in June.

Maybe it’s a small consolation for HiFi – thirsty AirPods Max users who hoped that their 6,000 kroner headphones would take full advantage of everything that Apple Music has to offer.

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