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AirPods Max empty too quickly | Telegram should get the App Store ban

πŸ™πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ iPhone 12 battery weak |  πŸ™πŸ»β€β™€οΈ iPhone 12 cellular network is weak
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Good Morning all! We have had a few quiet weeks in terms of errors and problems with Mac and Co., but recently problems with various products have increased again. It remains to be seen whether they will be fixed by software updates soon. So welcome to the morning overview of the news for the last 24 hours.

For some users, the AirPods Max lose their entire battery charge within a few hours: Still full in the evening, they surprise users in the morning with an empty battery, which understandably does not lead them to storms of enthusiasm. Also readers are partially affected by this bugpossibly caused by a bad update from December. This brings back bad memories for AirPods users: Apple had often downright executed the AirPods Pro through various bugged firmware updates. Hopefully this won’t continue with the AirPods Max?

Telegram is to disappear from the App Store

The excitement of the day was undoubtedly this message from us from yesterday morning: In it we reported on a lawsuitthat Telegram is supposed to throw out of Apple’s App Store. Your comments on the topic were, as expected, some of them close to the pain threshold. It was with great pleasure, however, that I also read more detailed statements on the subject from readers who, despite previous unsuccessful statements, made interesting and well-thought-out considerations. In this context, I cannot stress the importance of constructive contributions in the comments often enough.

Does watchOS 8 come with widgets?

What will watchOS look like in the future? Apple’s developers are undoubtedly already investigating this question, but there are also other places where people are thinking about possible innovations in watchOS. A concept now shows how the clock’s operating system could develop in the next version. One of the innovations shown: Widgets on the Apple Watch.

In short

What else was important

VLC is now also available in a version optimized for the M1 Mac. These Apple silicon apps start within a second, are more energy efficient than conventional apps and often deliver better performance when in operation. In addition to the optimization for Apple Silicon, the update to VLC 3.0.12 also offers some other minor changes.

Is Apple bringing an iPhone with a physical dual SIM?

Apple has also been offering dual SIM in the iPhone to a certain extent since 2018 – however, the path of a physical nano SIM and an eSIM is being used, an approach that has since been taken up by other manufacturers. However, there have always been demands for an iPhone with physical dual SIM functionality. That Apple has dealt with this idea, at least in theory, is shown in a patent that Apple has applied for in China, among others.
more here.

The AppSalat collects apps for the shopping list.

There are many apps for collecting and sorting items for going to the supermarket. In our latest AppSalat, we’ve picked out a few apps that can do the job, here you come to our selection.

Is Amazon making a football station?

At the end of this season, Amazon will lose the broadcasting rights to audio and video for the Bundesliga games, but it has secured some international licenses for the 2021/2022 season. Amazon may enter into a cooperation with other license holders in order to be able to offer a football program in the future. For this, the company will probably need a broadcasting license, which has now been requested from the responsible media supervisory authority in Bavaria, more here.

I would like to say goodbye to you at this point and wish you a relaxed Wednesday.

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