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AirPods Max is not expected to sell more than 1 million copies annually

AirPods Max are real luxury headphones with a high price tag, but also really good sound quality. They have all the benefits that the AirPods series offers and tops the terribly good user-friendliness with the latest technology that Apple has to offer.

But the best does not help in all situations, especially when the price tag is much higher than what many competitors cost. And in the case of AirPods Max, it seems to affect sales – and it really does.

According to renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, AirPods Max is not expected to sell more than one million copies annually. It is a vanishingly small portion of total sales last year, which stayed at 90 million shipped AirPods in total.As these are not official figures, we can not confirm that Kuo is right, but the analyst is known for having good accuracy in his information about Apple.

It is not entirely impossible for AirPods Max to suffer in its sales. But if it’s a high price, it’s hard to get a copy or a combination that affects. Of course, there can be completely different reasons as well.

Today, AirPods Max sells out as soon as the headphones come into stock, indicating that it is the manufacturing that is deficient.

We think that the figure of one million AirPods Max annually sounds quite small, but that is not an impossible figure either.

What do you think – does Kuo aim too low or is he right in his analysis?

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