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Alex Kleyner, CEO of store 2 gate and co-founder of ABK capital, is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in America. He has turned a small business into a multi-million dollar empire, and his success story is a testament to the power of hard work and perseverance. Kleyner is not only famous for the problem-solving ideas that made him a globally famous entrepreneur, but because of his story where he was once a debtor, and from there, with hard work and determination, he became a multi-millionaire.


Alex Kleyner was born with the qualities of an entrepreneur. From a young age, he loved exploring new ideas and finding ways to make them a reality. This drive has made him one of the most successful entrepreneurs in history. Alex’s innovative ideas have revolutionized how we purchase commodities from the market.

Due to his brilliant idea of allowing people from across the globe to reach the American market and purchase goods such as fruits, dairy products, and sweets, Alex became a well-known entrepreneur. Alex is quite a sharp-minded person who analyzed the problem of offering North American products to people thousands of miles away and came up with the idea of offering services such as logistics and shipping of American goods.

With his idea to create ease for the importers of North American goods, he started making millions and, simultaneously, solved a social issue.


The idea of store 2 door helps clients from across the globe connect with their desired products in the US market. The company initially created an online store worth more than $1.4 billion. That online store got converted into a successful company which provides access to products from different brands and retailers across the globe. With store 2 door, customers/American goods importers from other countries can find and purchase products from any location in the US. The company also offers customer support so that users can navigate the online store and make purchases without difficulty. And finally, the door 2 store provides shipping and delivery services to create further ease of doing business for clients outside America.

Their customer care service makes store 2 door successful because that’s what Alex Kleyner brought into the business. He observed that customers were highly dissatisfied due to lousy customer care services offered by other companies, which ticked his mind about establishing a business that could solve this problem. His company’s unbeatably super excellent customer care makes it the market leader where businesses want to see themselves.

In a statement by Alex Kleyner, he said, “We’ve consumers who say they are indebted to Store2Door for saving their time on logistics.” This statement shows are customer-oriented they are.


Before establishing the company Alex Kleyner did not expect a pandemic to hit mankind and force authorities to implement a lockdown. During the covid-19 pandemic where all the businesses were shut down and lost store 2 door, that time was going through a booming time since it was a newly established company. People from across the country were availing their service because they offered fresh food commodities at customers’ doorstep. Thanks to their amazingly innovative business idea, store 2 door started climbing on the success ladder during the pandemic. Today, they have become one of their kind with excellent, reliable, and noble services.


When it comes to succeeding in the ecommerce space, Alex Kleyner of store 2 door says that there are three key features to keep in mind: diversity, open-mindedness, and finally, the capability to pivot.

·         DIVERSITY

It’s essential to have a diverse range of products on offer to appeal to as many customers as possible but also to employ different backgrounds with different norms and beliefs. With the help of diversification, store 2 door can bring innovation more quickly as there are employees from different walks of life, and there will surely be disagreements, which is the first step towards bringing novelty to any business.

·         OPEN-MINDED

 It’s also important to be open-minded about new technologies and changes in the marketplace so that you can adapt quickly when necessary. But also to listen to customers are trying to follow their instructions because a famous marketer once said that customer is always right; another marketer said that customer is the boss. So when looking at these statements shows how important customers are for any business. However, I do not agree entirely with these statements, but they are right up to some extent.


And finally, it’s crucial to be able to pivot your business model when needed to stay ahead of the competition. According to the statement of Kleyner, “Perceive Store2Door as the future international Amazon handling orders for the Middle East here in America.” The company has shown by actions what they say, and one cannot deny these facts.


Real estate is a business with much lesser chances of making losses because its prices, in most cases, are in contradiction to the cases of making a loss in the real estate business are rare. But there is evidence that this business was facing a decline as investors were making losses.

After the financial crisis in 2008, real estate businesses were very down and what made the situation more severe was the banks not lending debts to them. Alex Kleyner found that the terms are stringent between financial institutions and real estate businesses. That’s when he came up with establishing ABK capital that lends money to these businesses and gets good returns from there.


Alex Kleyner is an innovative entrepreneur with the qualities to succeed in business. Moreover, he can identify opportunities and create new companies that meet the needs of consumers. Alex is a creative marketer who quickly, with fewer efforts, effectively promoted his interactions during the pandemic when all other businesses were making losses. As a result, he successfully built companies that generated profits for himself and his shareholders.

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