Almost three billion euros for manufacturing in the USA?

Apple Car is real competition to Tesla, says Morgan Stanley

Apple may be facing a billion-dollar investment in Kia Motors locations: This company is reportedly producing the Apple Car in the United States in the future. A corresponding deal between Apple and Kia could be closed in February.
The negotiations for the production of an Apple Car are still taking shape: Apple is allegedly planning a major investment in the production facilities of Kia Motors, a subsidiary of the South Korean car maker Hyundai. Allegedly, Hyundai is to become the partner in Apple’s car project, from whose belts the finished vehicles are to roll, but the partnership has not yet been bagged: at Hyundai, management is deeply concerned about a deal that will degrade the company to a kind of automotive Foxconn could as we in this message had reported. Nevertheless, the negotiations continue.

Production in the USA should be planned

As it is now from reports from South Korean sources is called, Apple is planning to put the equivalent of around 2.9 billion euros in Kia’s production facilities in the USA. These factories are in the US state of Georgia, where the Apple Car could be built from 2024. Previously, other observers at TF International Securities, among others, had promised a less ambitious schedule. At the same time, a first preview of the possible performance data of the Apple Car was given. These are initially unimpressive, as you can see in this message can read.

Meanwhile, Apple apparently did late last year a top manager from Porsche poached. He could work on the design of Apple’s vehicles in the future.

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