Alternative to the traditional bedside table

Alternative to the traditional bedside table

It is becoming more and more modern to move away from the traditional bedside tables. Gone are the thoughts of the old identical bedside tables on each side of the bed. The decor of the new age is an exciting different style that you can easily make unique.

Luxurious puffs

A stylish puff creates an atmosphere of luxury and glamor. Complete with a nice tray on top as a table top and you are done. Puffs come in all sorts of different sizes, shapes and colors.

An ordinary board

Buy an ordinary board, paint or stain and put it up on the wall. This different bedside table fits perfectly in small bedrooms where there is no room for traditional bedside tables.

An extra chair or stool

You who live small but like to entertain have a lot of benefit from using a chair as a bedside table. The chair is easy to take out when needed, while not taking up unnecessary space.

A stool can be used for a lot and is also perfect as a bedside table. You can bring it out when you need more seating but also use it as a ladder if you need to.

A chair or stool costs almost nothing at all, which is why it is becoming very popular among students or for you with less income.

An old wooden box in the attic?

An old wooden box with a little wear and defects will be a very nice detail in your bedroom. Put wheels in the bottom to make it easier to clean under and behind. Paint or stain in a color that matches the rest of your bedroom. Vintage that has become modern!

Simple shelf

Ikea has several different small shelves that fit perfectly as a bedside table. They take up less space and you free up floor space. In a smaller bedroom, it is important to find smart solutions for storage.

Find your style!

Experiment and find your unique style that meets the functional needs and at the same time fits in your bedroom. Dare to think outside the box – that if something is trendy!

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