Always-on for OnePlus Watch with new update (May 2021)

OnePlus Watch has been updated with a new screen feature. The latest firmware version B.48 includes an always-on function that allows you to see, for example, time and date even when the screen is off.

The always-on function is normally called “always-on” and is a low-power solution for displaying the most important information on the screen even when it is “off”.

It is a feature found on most modern smartwatches today. For example, always-on functionality was introduced to the Apple Watch series from Watch 5 three years ago.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch series also has the same functionality. Among other things in the models Gear S3 and Gear Sport.

OnePlus Watch has been criticized a lot for not offering enough compared to the competition. The new B.48 is not the perfect solution to that criticism, but it is a step in the right direction.

Here is the complete change log for B.48.

Everything new with B.48 for OnePlus Watch

  • Always-on function
  • Remote control of mobile camera
  • Support for marathon training
  • General improvements
  • Optimizations to the interface
  • Fixes known bugs and stability issues

When the update is released, it is initially for a small group of users. If all goes well, B.48 will be released to a wider group and then globally to all users.

To install the update, the battery must have a charge of at least 40 percent and be connected to your mobile phone throughout the installation process.

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