Amazon wants to monitor its drivers with AI technology & cameras

Amazon requires their drivers to approve AI monitoring if they want to keep the job. Otherwise, the company threatens to fire everyone who says no to the surveillance.

These are cameras in the cars that are used to transport packages. Cameras that use AI to identify when drivers are distracted or tired behind the wheel.

The website Vice is the first to report on the news. They write that all drivers working for Amazon in the US must sign a so-called “biometric consent” agreement.

In it, the driver agrees, among other things, that Amazon collects an extreme amount of personal data about both the person and how vehicles are driven during deliveries.

Examples of data are position and movement data, acceleration, speed, decelerations, turns, distance to the vehicle in front and how far the car has moved.

Amazon also wants the right to collect data on possible traffic violations. Among other things, when the vehicle is considered to have too high a speed, if the driver does not stop at a stop sign and when the belt in the car is not used.

Cameras that record all the time – extreme surveillance

With cameras that constantly record what’s going on in the vehicles, Amazon can constantly keep track of its drivers. It also means that the company can potentially micromanage deliveries down to the second level if they want to.

And the whole increase has made some drivers really angry. Among other things, there is a lot of talk about breaches of privacy.
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That Amazon wants to control, not help.
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Amazon in turn says that they focus on safety and that the cameras they intend to “roll out industry-leading camera-based safety technology across the entire vehicle fleet”. They also say that “technology can give drivers real-time alerts so they are safer on the road”.

We can safely say that Amazon is notorious for monitoring and pressuring its employees, often beyond the breaking point. Surveillance with cameras and AI is unlikely to improve the company’s already bad reputation in this area.

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