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Anders Sydborg leads the opposition to the cashless society

Anders Sydborg leads the opposition to the cashless society

Expressen quoted Anders Sydborg in an article on February 3, 2021 after retrieving a post from the Facebook group “People’s rights in society”. In the post, Sydborg pointed out that the cashless society as part of a larger madness contributes to the risk of civil war increasing in the country with the state on one side and the people on the other.

With over 130,000 members in its facebook group “Boycott cashless shops and restaurants” The former scrap dealer, multimillionaire and motocross champion Anders Sydborg is a representative of a society where banknotes and coins are a possible payment solution for everyone. Fifteen years ago he started thinking about what money is and how it comes to be and this led him on a tricky path, and today he informs people about what he sees as benefits of cash and shares his clouds of concern about what a cashless society can do.

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