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PDF files have become a standard part and parcel of personal and professional life. Portable document formats are preferable when you want to download online files, scan school assignments, edit clients’ invoices, or submit research projects.

It’s even better with the  annotator tool. For instance, with the help of annotate pdf tool, you can introduce explanatory comments to a document picture or text. In addition to that, it’s possible to apply the Internet for file annotation.

So, even without a personal computer or expensive software package, you can comfortably depend on online editors for individual or business needs. By choosing to use lumin pdf, you have unlimited access to document annotation through the online platform. Please read this blog to understand the nitty-gritty of PDF annotation.

Word “Annotation” – Its Application and Designation

Due to misunderstanding, many users have encountered the word “annotation” but seem not to find a suitable way around its usage due to misunderstanding.

Simply, annotation means adding comments to a diagram or text and offering an explanation or notes. Easy right? Therefore, you can use the annotation process to insert comments and add extra objects to your PDF files.

When altering a PDF doc, you may fall short of the correct answer to a certain inquiry. In such circumstances where you cannot provide accurate feedback, you can easily add notes to those docs. To do such a simple task, you only need to look for a pdf text editor online to do such a simple task.

However, there are other occasions where you may lack an active Internet connection and hence, be unable to apply the online editor for your document needs. You shouldn’t worry because such situations demand the use of offline annotation software. Smartphone users can also purchase the mobile app.

Different Problems That Can Be With Files Annotation

Most current editors have in-built tools that allow users to add comments to texts or images anywhere in the document. Nevertheless, when dealing with a pdf edit, you may encounter challenges that limit flawless document editing.

Essentially, there are many editors out there that allow document-viewing, but most of them have limited features. Customers are usually tricked by editors that cannot replace the existing texts without ads. In addition, the difficulty is compounded by false editors that require premium subscriptions for only a few alterations to annotate documents.

For starters, the best you can do with a lot of the current editors is to mask the current content. This challenge can result in other types of errors, especially when working with complex documents. You may have to deal with compatibility issues in other situations since different PDF versions are on the market.

Customers may also experience flattened PDFs when attempting to annotate pdf windows. Offline software editors cannot differentiate between distinct file elements, and thus, editing individual objects may affect all the other objects in the document. Even under such problems, Lumin comes in handy if you need to annotate online or offline.

How to Annotate PDFs

You may be required to make a brief comment on a significant document, sign an agreement, proofread and alter a file, and add suggestions but are unsure of the perfect procedure. Take it easy since you just have to learn a few steps whenever you have to annotate pdf files.

  1. Drag your file to annotate, or you can also select the file and upload the file from the local storage
  2. Choose the highlight color and make comments on the document as desired
  3. After commenting, save changes and sign, download, and share the annotations

For users who prefer a personalized touch, you can use the freehand pencil tool to add texts or comment on the graphical content in the entire doc. The freehand feature is desirable to annotate pdf ipad because it is more convenient to play around with touchscreens than conventional pc alternatives.

Also, there is no limit when it comes to annotating files. Customers can select the online pdf editor if they are browsing and want to make quick changes without any hassle. The online option is advisable for those tired of using clanky pdf software editors.

How To Do This With Online PDF Editor Lumin (Also Include All Possibilities)

Other than social media, you can do great things with your browser. You can search for the Lumin editor and draw, highlight, and add comments and signatures to your file if you have to modify document contents. For those who love simplicity, you can annotate pdf chrome all with Lumin.

Besides desktop and app purchases, Lumin comes with a fully-featured pdf editor online. With the online substitute, you don’t have to install anything. You only need an Internet connection, whether on your phone or computer. The Lumin annotation interface is user-friendly, making it easy to locate the precise tools.

Despite the friendliness and affordability, you wonder how you can edit pdf online with Lumin? It’s an easy task to buy or use the best pdf file editor online. You only have to follow a few steps and learn a few hacks, as explored below.

How to insert comments on the entire document:

  1. Click the Comment feature
  2. Choose where to put the comment
  3. Type the text
  4. You can also share with your colleagues for group annotation

How to markup a document:

  1. Choose the Lumin Freehand feature
  2. Select the color and various add-ons
  3. Mark the file as desired

How to delete annotations from your PDF:

  1. Select the desired comment
  2. Choose and click delete


You had to print documents and again add commentary on the paper margins in the past. With the online editor and the annotate pdf app, you can have as many fonts and colors as you like.  At Lumin, we also offer the software annotate pdf. Please Contact Us for all your file needs and 24/7 support.

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