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APC signage is one of the best solutions

Aluminum composite material is widely used in the production of outdoor advertising. They make alupanel signs from it. Customers receive durable products that can be used for a long time. The lifespan of APC signage is influenced by the properties of the material. It is made using a special technology. It consists of several layers. In the recent past, it was used only in construction, facade decoration. And today it is widely used in this area. Even very original architectural ideas can be realized with the help of an aluminum composite material. The reason for this was its high strength along with its low weight. It is clear that a building with a complex architecture should not be too heavy with external finishing materials. APC makes it possible to reduce the weight of the building structure.

The characteristics of the aluminum composite material were soon noticed by outdoor advertising manufacturers. They tried to make signs out of it. They liked the result of the work. As a result, the material began to be offered as a raw material for outdoor advertising. By the way, it should be noted that for the price APC is not too expensive, even cheap when compared with other high-strength materials. The low price has become one of the main reasons for choosing it for the production of signs.

APC in detail

The aluminum composite panel has a specific structure. Structurally, the material can be called multilayer. The outer layers are aluminum sheets. There is a layer in the form of a thermoplastic filler between them. It can be low density polyethylene. Alternatively, the intermediate layer is made of a non-combustible composition of mineral origin, in which a binder polymer material is present. There is another layer on top – a protective one that protects the aluminum from damage, and also performs a decorative function.

What are the advantages of aluminum composite material for use in sign making?

1. From such material it turns out to make alucobond signage, which weighs a little. This is important, especially if you have to move the advertising structure from time to time. Heavyweight creates problems. Need outside help. This is already a task, the solution of which requires money.

2. High rigidity, deformation resistance. APC signs are not easy to damage. Plus, they stand up to tough outdoor conditions. They do not deform if they suddenly find themselves in the rain. And breaking them is also very difficult.

3. The material has excellent thermal shock resistance. Is it cold or hot outside? Nothing will happen to the aluminum composite signboard. They are not afraid of high or low temperatures and even sharp temperature jumps.

4. Ease of processing. Sign makers value this material for being easy to work with. Despite its strength, it is not difficult to make signs out of it. Of course, in this case, the term “not difficult” is relative. In any business, you need to have experience in order to apply such a concept.

The main advantage is the affordable price.
This is a plus for both outdoor advertising manufacturers and sign customers.

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