Apple asks suppliers to stop component manufacturing

iPhone 12 builds on record year 2015: More memory next year?

The iPhone 12 Mini is doing so badly that Apple is instructing some of its suppliers to stop manufacturing components for the smallest of the four iPhone 12 models. Wherever possible, components are used for the more successful iPhone 12 models. Nevertheless, Apple will probably also include a Mini in the next lineup.

The iPhone 12 Mini brings little joy to Apple: A few weeks ago, it became clear that the smallest of the four iPhone 12 models is not being well received by consumers, as we did in corresponding messages had reported. The iPhone 12 Mini only achieved a 5G market share in the USA, which has further consequences that are reflected in the production of the iPhone 12.

Apple has cut orders from its suppliers for the first half of 2021 by around 20%, as most recently from Asian business media reported has been.
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Originally, Apple had ordered components for around 96 million iPhones of various model series for the first half of the year, including all four versions of the iPhone 12, the iPhone 11 and the iPhone SE. Now you will only need modules for around 75 million iPhones in this period.
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Sales continue to be strong despite the weakness of the iPhone 12 Mini

As it goes on, Apple has asked some manufacturers to produce components for it wherever possible iPhone 12 Mini (Affiliate link) with its 5.4 inch display. Components for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are used where possible.

Despite the bad start for the iPhone 12 Mini, Apple will probably sell more iPhones in the first half of 2021 than in the same period last year. And despite the bad performance, Apple will probably deliver the iPhone 13 again in four variants, one of which will be a successor to the iPhone 12 Mini, reported. The weak performance of the Mini explain some observers also with the effects of the corona pandemic in western European markets, whose consumers had recently felt much less desire to buy than expected.

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