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Apple Car 2024? | iPhone SE in April?

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Good morning in the round! Well, who will buy an Apple Car once it’s there? This question actually comes up again at the moment. And so welcome to the overview of the last 24 hours.

Apple has apparently found a partner who builds the Apple Car for Cupertino, here we had the first rumors commented on this. Now there is actually one more slightly more specific schedule: The first Apple Cars could be rolling on our streets as early as 2024. These should drive autonomously and electrically, but whether there will be further delays in the schedule remains to be seen.

Is there a new iPhone SE coming in April?

A new iPhone SE 2021? Up until now there was hardly anything rumored about this, but allegedly Apple will present a new iPhone SE in a few months, and new AirPods Pro will be presented at the same time here you read more.

The Mac continues to grow strongly

Apple sold significantly more Macs in 2020 than in 2019. Overall, the PC market grew strongly in the past year, here you can find more details. Market researchers are also assuming that sales will continue to rise sharply in the current year.

In short

What else was important

Apple put the update on last night iOS 12.5.1 released. It fixes a minor bug that occurred in connection with the use of the contact tracing interface that Apple introduced for older models with the update to iOS 12.5.

Will Apple also bring its own depot in the future?

Loup Ventures has presented an interesting outlook on possible new Apple services: It describes how Apple could create even closer customer loyalty with a range of new services. These include premium podcasts, your own securities account or a premium health data service, here you read more.

WhatsApp’s new terms and conditions are teeth pulled in Europe.

I think that anyone who always complains diligently about the EU should not really enjoy its benefits. It is thanks to the intervention of the EU that WhatsApp’s new terms and conditions are inherently problematic for end customers in Europe do not apply until further notice.

I wish you all a nice Tuesday until further notice!
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