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Good Morning all! Is it possible that Apple is not looking for a car manufacturer for its Apple Car, but rather a kind of new Foxconn?
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That was one of the topics of yesterday. We also dealt with your wishes for the new AirPods, problems in the O2 network and 5G in the iPhone of the future, welcome to the overview in the morning.

As is well known, Apple is looking for manufacturers for its Apple Car. So far you have obviously searched in vain, but you may not even find what you are looking for in the ranks of the car manufacturers. Mark Gurman recently outlined how the issue looks for Apple on the one hand and the carmaker on the other, here is the summary.

Toyota prepares Apple for long product cycles

Later, a boss of a large car manufacturer spoke up on the subject of Apple Car: Building the car is not the problem, it was said in Japan. Apple could then prepare for 40 years of support, much longer than is due for every iPhone and every Mac.

Your preferences for new AirPods

Recently, Asian sources leaked pictures of the AirPods 3 – alleged pictures, it must be said. We took this as an opportunity to ask you about your wishes for the AirPods 3.
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You can still vote here and see the results.

When will Apple’s modem come into the iPhone?

That could be the case in the iPhone next but one, analysts at Barclays recently forecast. This in-house development by Apple is then also up to date, here are the details.

In short

What else was important

If you haven’t already, you should soon: macOS Catalina and macOS Mojave should also be patched against the dangerous WebKit vulnerability, and this will work with the update to Safari 14.0.3.

Wistron is starting again in India.

There was a huge crash in a factory of the Asian iPhone manufacturer Wistron, which had local managers No wages paid for monthsuntil the employees finally lost their patience. – Apple then immediately too. Now production is running in the affected plant back to.

In our latest edition of the AppSalat we go into how to get yourself Can build AirTags yourselfafter you just can’t get going at Apple.

O2 customers still suffer from silent calls on the iPhone 12.

Yesterday evening we asked you whether a network operator update published earlier this week had solved the problem of silent calls on the iPhone 12 and only there in the O2 network – it obviously did not solve it, according to your comments. Today we ask O2 in the press office what they think about it, but an answer before the weekend is unlikely. In the meantime, we continue to gather your experience.

And with that I wish you a nice start to the weekend – later.

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