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Apple fights against racism | See AirTags in Where is app

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Good morning everybody! So that was it, the big deal Apple had to announce. Hand on heart: who was disappointed? Aside from the fact that the request is of course honorable, the typical consumer gets little of it. So welcome to the overview of the developments over the last 24 hours.

A big and exciting thing will be presented by Apple, CBS had announced in pre-broadcast excerpts from an interview with Tim Cook, which will be presented on Wednesday. Now we know what this was about: Apple wants to fight structural racism in the US and is taking action for it $ 100 million In the hand. A commendable attempt to tackle an underestimated source of conflict with lots of explosives in American society, which accents can be set here, has yet to be seen. However: No iMessage for Android, nothing about the Apple Car, no Apple Card for Germany, not even an Apple washing machine – some readers will certainly have rolled their eyes a little yesterday. – given.

The AirTags are coming

And how objects that have been equipped with the AirTags can later be located, we show you here. Because currently the Wo ist app is apparently already prepared for the use of the AirTags, at least in part. This year Apple’s followers should appear like you read here can. And there is also a little more here about this in a video.

Apple’s plans for an Apple Car have been going on for some time

It is not just recently that Apple is apparently working flat out again on the development of its Apple Car. A year ago there were negotiations with a company that had developed a promising platform for electric cars that would have offered some advantages for Apple, more here. As is well known, however, these conversations did not lead anywhere.

In short

What else was important

Betas were there – plenty. The cycle starts again after almost a month of vacation. Beta 2 from iOS 14.4 and iPadOS 14.4, macOS Big Sur 11.2, watchOS 7.3 with a new movement feature and tvOS 14.
4 are available to developers from last night.

The reception on the street should be better.

All German mobile radio operators have now been able to ensure the minimum supply of mobile radio required by the legislature via the Federal Network Agency along German motorways, railway lines and other important routes. Users should get at least 50 Mbit in the downlink – in theory, because with more users in the cell the pace naturally drops. And this complete coverage is only complete in theory. The mobile radio operators do not have to build where it simply does not work – that is, where no suitable location is available, no permits are available for the appropriate locations, this may be due to monument protection or nature conservation or where a radio mast is not erected for other reasons is reasonable. Ergo: The reception will probably remain as bad as ever.

The iPhone 12 makes Apple more and more valuable.

The iPhone 12 is so popular that analysts’ fantasies are literally overflowing with it. The company could be worth around three trillion dollars in a year, more here.

I now wish you a relaxed Thursday.

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