Apple has released iOS 14.6 and iPadOS 14.6 – few but nice news


Now you can download and install iOS 14.6 and iPadOS 14.6. The updates for iPhone and iPad were released on May 24 and weigh in at up to 850 megabytes.

Among the big news with the updates we find support for Apple Card Family, support for subscriptions to podcasts and AirTag optimizations. Just to name a few things.

Share your Apple Card with your family

With the Apple Family Card, you can share your Apple Card with up to five people. A prerequisite is that the person you are sharing with is 13 years or older. You get a clear overview of all expenses and can set clear limits for how much individuals can use your card.

Subscriptions to podcasts, also called podcasts, so you can sponsor your favorite podcasts by paying for their continued development each month.

For AirTag and the Find app, Apple has, among other things, made it possible for AirTag to now show some hidden phone numbers to those who have lost their tracking tag. It is now also possible to add an email address to the phone number when Lost Mode is activated.

Furthermore, Apple has made it easier to unlock a rebooted iPhone with just the voice.

Five bug fixes with iOS 14.6 & iPadOS 14.6

And finally, Apple has fixed five bugs if set to it for users:

  • Apple Watch could not unlock an iPhone after the mobile phone was unlocked from the Watch
  • Reminders were displayed in the app as blank lines
  • Call blocking add-ons did not appear in the settings
  • Bluetooth devices could lose the connection and the sound would be sent to a completely different wireless device
  • Deteriorates performance during iPhone startup

Everything fixed and ready.

The update with iOS 14.6 has a size of 850 megabytes and iPadOS 14.6 has an approximate size of 560 megabytes. We therefore recommend that you download them over WiFi where possible.

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