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Apple is developing a screen with a built-in eGPU


Apple is working on a new, external monitor with a built-in A13 processor and support for Neural Engine. The new model may be the official successor to the Pro Display XDR.

  • Can be used as an eGPU for a connected Mac computer
  • It is unclear how much the screen will cost
  • Relieves the computer of heavy calculations

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May be the successor to the Pro Display XDR

The new screen will reportedly have the internal code name J327 and have a built-in A13 Bionic circuit.

The purpose of the A13 Bionic circuit has not been determined, but it will probably be used as an eGPU for connected Macs and help with machine learning.

As far as we know, the circuit can also be used for HDR processing to provide a better experience with materials that support HDR technology.
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It is unclear if this is a successor to the Pro Display XDR that was released in 2019. It is clear, however, that this can be a really expensive screen if it is released at all.

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The first rumors of a screen with eGPU came in 2016

As early as 2016, the first rumors came that Apple was developing an external monitor with a built-in eGPU solution.

The screen is still under development, so it is not certain that there is actually an A13 Bionic under the hood of the screen. A new circuit such as the A14 Bionic from the iPhone 12 series could potentially be used.

It is also unclear when the screen can be released, if it actually reaches the market.

We do not think it is illogical with a screen that has a built-in eGPU.
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In fact, it is very logical considering how useful it can be for many – not least with the accelerated machine learning.

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