Apple is promoting the iPhone 12 with Ceramic Shield again

iPhone 12 with LTE and 5G connection problems, do you have that too?

The iPhone 12 is indestructible because it has a ceramic shield: this is the statement that Apple is currently increasingly reminding its customers and potential buyers. For this purpose, they have now posted another video on their YouTube channel. Still, you simply shouldn’t drop an iPhone on the floor without a protective cover.

Apple continues to promote the resilience of the iPhone 12: The latest model in Apple’s lineup has a ceramic shield, which is why it breaks four times less than the previous models – says Apple.

To make it clear how robust the iPhone 12 is, another video has now been published on its YouTube channel. It shows that the iPhone 12 can withstand falls largely unscathed.

The new clip with the title “Fumble” is the second video in a short time that Apple wants to use to draw attention to the advantages of the iPhone 12. A clip was recently posted showing how well the iPhone 12 performs in contact with water and flour, reported.

Every smartphone belongs in a case

However, it should be noted at this point: Although all smartphone manufacturers have not missed an opportunity for years to draw attention to how insensitive to falls, water or other adversities their devices are, these are still prone to a large number of damage. If you want to protect your smartphone from superficial or deeper damage over a longer period of time, you would do well to put it in an appropriate protective case and protect the display with a screen protector. This also helps to keep the resale value for re-use high.

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