Apple is putting pavers under pressure with a new supplier

Allegedly all models with a LiDAR scanner

The iPhone 13 is to be equipped with an improved ultra-wide-angle camera. At the same time, Apple is apparently also trying to reduce costs in the supply chain by including new manufacturers in the production of the camera components.

Apple will probably accommodate a slightly improved camera in the iPhone 13. Above all, the ultra-wide-angle lens will receive a revision as it currently looks. This would allow users of the upcoming top model to take better pictures in poorer light, as we did in this message had reported.

Now the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo takes up his corresponding outlook again. In an in-depth note speaks the analyst from TF International Securities also about a change in the production of the cameras, which will take effect at the launch of the iPhone 13. After that, Apple will also rely on deliveries from the manufacturer Sunny Optical for the iPhone 13; the company is said to have passed Apple’s quality controls for the production of the lenses. In this way, the pressure on Largan and Yujingguang as well as Kantatsuer is increased, from there Apple currently gets the lenses of the cameras for the iPhone. They are then assembled into finished camera arrangements at LG Innotek.

Traditionally, Apple has always relied on several suppliers, on the one hand for reasons of the reliability of supply chains, but of course also to be able to keep prices down.

Better cameras for all new models?

It is still unclear which models of the iPhone 13 will receive the improved ultra-wide-angle lens. It is expected that Apple will again bring four models of the new top iPhone onto the market, but whether the improvements to the camera will be made available to all new models or limited to the iPhone 13 Pro is an open question. In contrast, the improved optical zoom of the iPhone 12 Pro Max should also upgrade the smaller Pro model from 2021.

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