Apple loses important process around virtualized iOS

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Apple has lost an important lawsuit: Corellium was able to convince the court that it did not infringe any copyright with its virtualization of iOS. The verdict should be a milestone for independent security researchers.

In an important ruling, a Florida court has now created facts on a question that is of crucial importance for the security research industry: Corellium, which Apple filed a lawsuit last year, was affected.
What happened?
Corellium has developed a virtualization of iOS. The entire system, including all details of the graphical user interface and the Apple apps, runs on a web interface or an environment provided by Corellium. In the past, this platform has helped to detect security gaps in iOS and has always been offered by Corellium for this purpose only.
The judge now obeyed loudly Media reports Corellium’s position to market this technology fairly, a key issue in American law.

Apple spoke of copyright infringement

Apple had always seen a violation of its copyright in the copy of iOS. In addition, the company was sued for the fact that Corellium had undermined Apple’s security measures and the DMCA was used for this, a law from the turn of the millennium that is often used for all kinds of lawsuits due to its imprecise formulations.

Apple had meanwhile also developed an alternative to the virtualization of iOS: It has recently been sending unlocked iPhones to security researchers, reported. However, those who take part in this program are subject to extremely strict conditions, which is why the Corellium solution should continue to be in demand.

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