Apple may release new iPod Touch in the fall of 2021


The latest model in the iPod Touch series was released two years ago. This fall, Apple may introduce a new, upgraded model according to new data.

It is Steve Moser, a writer on the website Macrumors, who claims to have found references that point to a new iPod Touch model.

Already in November last year, Apple added references in Apple Music that pointed to the iPod Touch series. At the time, it was unclear why, and even then, many speculated that Apple would release a new model.

Since then, nothing has happened on Apple’s part, at least not externally.
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Internally, however, things seem to happen, because according to Steve Moser, he has obtained renderings that will show what a new and unreleased iPod Touch looks like.

On October 23, 2021, it will be 20 years since Apple introduced the first iPod Touch model to the market.
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Maybe we get a new model as a tribute to the series then?Read also: How to buy the best tablet for 2021

Another interesting detail is that Apple will release support for Lossless Audio and Lossless HiFi Audio in June. It would be more than likely that a new iPod Touch would be supported, and it would be a perfect use for audio files and Apple users worldwide.

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