Apple Stops Manufacturing HomePod – Retains HomePod Mini

Apple announces that full-size HomePod will be discontinued. Instead, the company chooses to focus on the smaller model HomePod Mini.

The HomePod is already sold out in Apple’s online store and the only way to get the speaker now is through other stores until stocks run out.

To the TechCrunch website, Apple says that HomePod will stop being manufactured and sold, but that existing devices will continue to receive updates via Apple Care.

Apple also says that “The HomePod Mini has been a hit ever since its launch last fall, with excellent sound quality, a smart assistant and smart home controls for just $ 99. We focus everything on the HomePod Mini. ”.

When Apple released the first generation HomePod in February 2018, the smart speaker was both praised and criticized.

The model received many accolades for its design, integration with Apple’s ecosystem and the excellent sound quality. But at the same time harsh criticism for being insanely expensive and limited in its functionality compared to competitors.

Already in April respective May last year there were indications that Apple would launch a new HomePod (which instead became a HomePod Mini). It was then indicated that Apple wanted to sell out of stock with large discounts to its employees.

There are no reports that Apple is offering the same types of discount today.


Does Apple still manufacture and sell HomePods?

No, Apple has announced that the HomePod will no longer be manufactured or sold through official channels. This means that the only chance to get a copy today is from a third party such as the online store or the second-hand market.

Will Apple continue to update HomePod?

Yes, Apple says that all existing HomePods on the market will continue to be maintained with new software in the future. It is unclear exactly how long it will last, however.

Is it possible to buy a HomePod today?

Yes, but not through Apple. You have to buy through other online stores or from the used market. Apple only provides the HomePod Mini in its stores.

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