Apple stops selling iMac Pro

Apple stops selling iMac Pro

Apple now announces that it will stop using the iMac Pro and just focus on regular iMacs, maybe just as well, right?

When Apple chose to come with an iMac Pro already in 2017, many were skeptical from the start, but it came and apparently there does not seem to be a sequel, unless Apple surprises with an iMac Pro based on their own processor.

It really feels like it’s time for Apple to update the iMac for real and if we’m lucky this could happen this year. I would like to see an iMac with an Apple Silicon processor in the future, but above all a new design that is more modern and perhaps has a design more similar to the Apple Pro Display XDR.

If you still want to buy an iMac Pro, you can, but as long as the stock lasts or at the dealers.

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