Apple TV 4K supports ARC and eARC – perfect for your HomePod


Did you know that the Apple TV 4K media center supports both ARC and newer eARC? This means that you can send audio from your TV to, for example, one or two HomePods.

Using ARC and eARC, you can send an audio signal from your Apple TV 4K over HDMI to a receiver; for example, speakers or an amplifier that also supports ARC / eARC.

Today, you can connect one or two HomePods via ARC to your Apple TV 4K. However, the HomePod Mini does not work. Which is a bit unfortunate because HomePod is no longer sold by Apple and is on its way out of the market.

What are ARC and eARC? ARC and eARC are techniques for sending audio from an HDMI-connected gadget to a speaker or amplifier. ARC is an old and outdated technology that today is increasingly being replaced by newer eARC.
Read more about the techniques here.

To use ARC and eARC, you need to make a setting in your Apple TV 4K. How to use:

  1. Open Settings on your Apple TV 4K
  2. Select Video and Audio
  3. Go to the Default Audio Output option
  4. Make sure your HomePod or other ARC / eARC compatible gadget is selected
  5. Make sure the Audio Return Channel (Beta) is enabled
  6. Select “Play Television Audio”

It’s not harder than that. It is worth mentioning that ARC is an old and problematic technology with limited sound support and comparatively complicated connection. With eARC, on the other hand, you get better sound support and smoother connection options.

However, there are comparatively few gadgets that support eARC today, so check carefully what you have at home if you want the best that eARC can offer.


Does Apple TV 4K support ARC and eARC?

Yes, but only the second-generation Apple TV 4K.

Does Apple TV support 4K ARC / eARC with HomePod?

Yes, you can send audio from your Apple TV 4K to a HomePod. But only the first-generation HomePod as the HomePod Mini is not supported.

What cable is needed for ARC and eARC?

You need to connect your Apple TV 4K with a TV via HDMI for ARC and eARC to work.

Do all TVs and speakers support both ARC and eARC?

No, it all depends on the make and model. Check in the manual for your gadgets what they support.

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