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Apple Watch 7 gets faster, gets better screen &

We do not think you will be particularly surprised if we say that the next Apple Watch will come with a faster processor, better screen, and optimized wireless connection. But that’s actually what the latest report on Watch 7 reveals.

  • A thicker design indicates larger battery
  • Faster and more energy-efficient processor
  • Better screen (mini-LED?)

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Apple Watch 7 gets better performance and thicker design

It’s more the rule than the exception that Apple increases performance every time they release a new computer, mobile phone, tablet or smartwatch. And it’s hardly a big deal that the upcoming Watch 7 will get just that – better performance.

In addition to better performance, we can expect higher energy efficiency.
This means that the smartwatch can be made faster without increasing battery consumption. It is at least a theoretical hope; The question is what Apple has in mind and whether they choose a larger battery over energy efficiency. Or maybe both.

There is also talk that the Watch 7 will be slightly thicker than the existing Watch 6.

The reason for this can be several different things. Like that Apple wants to push in more sensors, that the heart rate monitor has been replaced or that a new screen technology is used (it is rumored that the mini-LED is just like in the iPad Pro 12.9 ”). More likely, however, is a combination of larger processor and higher capacity of the battery.

Reputation: No temperature sensor until 2022

It has been rumored that the Watch 7 has a sensor for measuring body temperature. But now comes information that indicates that it is not relevant until with Watch 8.

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